Monday, November 5, 2012

life lately: pearls, puzzles and bun hair

life lately has been playing the piano at grandmas and by playing, i mean slamming our hands and occasionally using one finger. it's been finding my jam on pandora and letting it get me through my last run. it's been slamming my mile record out of the water. it's been eating a lot over at grandmas as the election has dragged daddy away from me. 
 it's been warming up my tushy from laundry and throwing all the folded clothes on the ground. it's looking oh so fabulous at walmart, and continuing the look at holly's while riding charlotte's car.
 life has been getting hungry at the optomotrist's office. it's been wearing a fanny like a real man. then wearing a homemade diaper when we had a blowout at, yet another, dinner at grandmas.
 life has been playing with abby [or is it daisy?] at grandmas and wishing i had my own puppy. it's buying my premiere tickets for twilight! what what! it's my baby eating ear plugs [and even chewed through a power cord]. it's landon proofing the oven but still not knowing how to landon proof the broiler.
 life is checking out the chickens at grandmas- torn between wanting to pet them and fearing for his life. it's doing good on my running. it's driving mom's car around the garage [and by driving, i mean manning the wheel] and pushing all the buttons i can.
life has been playing with the piano in primary, more specifically, straddling on the wheels then slowly falling off. then doing it all over again.
 life has been finally finishing the side gate- for LOADS cheaper then what we were quoted [$700 versus $150]. it's trying out my hair princess leia buns and severely missing my long, fuller hair. it's letting my angel baby sit on top of the counter and he thinking he's king of the coop.
 it's giving landon a sucker from the bank [his 2nd ever] and him loving every. single. second of it. it's landon climbing into the basket and just sitting quietly [which never happens]. it's been trying a new recipe from my cookbook and deliciously licking the bowl clean. it's seeing sticky little fingers poking through the bathroom door, after he gave me a puzzle [in case i got bored in there] but not before he poked his light saber under. and it's finding a piece of my childhood at my moms.
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Caitlin said...

Nice job on your mile! That is so fast!! Yaya!

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