Friday, November 9, 2012

what makes you happy?

currently i'm reading 19 minutes - another jodi picoult novel about a school shooting. kinda dark right? it's good. if i had to compare it to a dessert, it would be chocolate chip cookies. it's not quite chocolate mousse that you can't put down, but something you keep coming back for because there's not much better to devour at the moment [can you tell i'm having my fat time of the month?? hallelujah for not being pregnant!] anyways one of the character's father is a professor of happiness. for reals- what a great job that would be!

lots of things make me happy at the moment - in fact, last sunday as i was standing in the kitchen, my little boy was being chased around by my hunky sailor, i realized it was a great great day and i have been extremely blessed. we are leaving for vacation soon- a big expensive vacation made cheaper by a generous employer, gifts from birthday pasts [who knew savings bonds weren't the lamest gift of them all? 8 year old melissa was extremely wrong], and an awesome fb group that has let me unload lots of my junk for some money.

november is a month of gratitude - i'm much too lazy and care too much for my fb rep to post something once day so here it goes. i'll try not to do the normal lameo things like my house or family.

- i'm grateful for hulu and netflix- they light up my lonely nights
- for my sister, who lets me use her netflix for free... more like concedes
- for diapers so once that poop comes out, i don't have to deal with it again during the laundry i never do
- for landon's laughs, because he doesn't do it often or freely. so you know it's genuine when he does do it
- for my dishwasher, because doing it by hand is just the worst.
- for friends who have as much going on as i do so we hang out all the time
- for justin's job that keeps him away enough for me to miss him, gives him enough time for me to get sick of him, and takes care of us so well
- for caffeine to give me the boost i need when i physically cannot go another second
- for landon's early wake up times so we can snuggle on the couch to pbs kids and eat bananas. because he won't snuggle in any other way
- for sisters who call me out on my bs but love me despite it [you know you'd never want anyone else to mooch off at you]
- for a mother who loves me enough to listen to my complaining and pretend like it's a big deal when really, it's just me being a dq
- for growing up in a house full of loud people with big opinions [except one] so i learned how to speak up and say what i think
- for working in freezing temperatures with cold slimy chicken at too young of an age so i learned how to work and not be that waify girl in the corner too weak to lift a finger
- for wide birthing hips & large calves that allow me to run far or lift more or hold my tubby baby longer
- for a fluffy and floppy tummy because it housed my favorite person for 9 months
- for my mailman who i anxiously await his arrival every day so i have something new and surprising at least once in my day [seriously- i just love mail]
- for those bums on the street who remind me of just how i luck i am that i have a working car or a husband to have a job or a working shower
- for vegas' blistering heat that lets me tan in the summer, swim all year long and have flip flops a staple in my wardrobe
- for my college friends who remind me how i used to be cool, how i used to be funny, and i used to be the crazy vegas girl who would say/do anything
- for old photographs that remind me how enamored i was with justin harrison before we dated and how i thought all my hopes and dreams would come true if i got with him [spoiler alert: they did. he is quite the dream boat]
- for my niece and nephews who let me be the cool fun aunt and make my day by being the cutest in the whole world
- for 7-11 for making my world go round [ok.... that one was predictable]
- for skinny jeans who finally decided we could be friends after years of hating me- even after i made fun of them severely [samsters--- i'm talking to you]
yes that's justin rubbing my feet while driving - such a gentleman [he was-- a million years ago]
- for nashville & hart of dixie that give me the inspiration i need to talk like a hick with justin at times without even realizing it
- for friends that have lasted a lifetime and remember me when i used to think white eyeliner was cool.
- for those rich people who actually give money on those pbs drives that keep big bird in business
- for not having to pioneer or crusader or cave woman and having the luxury of hair dryers and blankets and central air
- oh ya, for my hunky husband who challenges me in every way but drives me to be a better woman every day [gag]

want to know what makes landon happy? this balloon did.

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KinderTeach said...

How I love L's laugh. Good things to be thankful for. You forgot to be thankful for sleeping in a chicken coop so you knew what sleeping without a bed would feel like. I guess you don't really need chicken coop, bathtub or a shelf would do. Or a creative father. :)

Caitlin said...

What do you mean you 'used' to be cool? Girl, you still are! (said in my best black girl accent.)

Kari said...

I love how in Landon's video with the balloon when it got stuck on the chair and you fixed it for him, he had to re-fix it for himself. haha. such a cute boy :)

Jessica Stoneman said...

Hart of Dixie is my guilty pleasure as well. Hope you have a fun b-day trip!

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