Tuesday, July 3, 2012

mel's meanderings: oh NO you didn't [finger snaps!]

welcome to another wonderful round of mel's meanderings- where i become a crotchety old woman and complain about things that bug me. or piss me off. or i just don't like. it's the andy rooney in me, what can i say?

so a few weeks ago we were hanging out with some friends and one of the friends [who was already on thin ice with me] was just complaining mentioning oh-so-loudly-and-often that landon was a bad kid. he's fussy, he can't sit still, he constantly needs to touch everything and be in everything and screams so loudly when we're out that people are always looking at us. was he right? yes. had i said the same things before? hello! was this mama bear about to take him talking about my little pudgy pie that way? i don't think so! [notice the bold, italics and underlining? that means i'm serious]. this person was a repeat offender when it comes to landon-bashing. it's one thing for his tired mother whose with him 24-7 to complain that he's not an easy kid but it def wasn't this guys! he doesn't have kids, so i know he doesn't understand. and when the day comes that he will, it will be a huge eye-opener but i've had my fill with it.

we chose to bring a baby into the world and it was the best decision ever. has it been easy? hardly, but we don't regret it. do we wish we could go out at 10pm to see the latest liam neeson movie? well, maybe not the 10pm party but of course. doesn't mean you need to bring up impossible things we couldn't possibly do all. the. time. or make us feel like our kid is the biggest drag in the universe.

this ignorance isn't his fault really- once he gets married and has kids, he'll quickly learn. maybe it's our fault for being friends with people in differences places then us? it made me ponder some things. when you're single, you think married people are such a DRAG! they are all lovey dovey and are always together-- it's so annoying. when you're married, you can't understand why you're single pals don't understand that you're not a you anymore, you're an us- a package deal to most things [not all- ever sister needs her GNO]. when you don't have kids, you don't see what the big deal is- why can't you just a babysitter every weekend night? why can't the baby stay up past bedtime just this once? or even when you have one kid, you don't understand why your pals with several kiddos never come to hang out at parties or want to go visiting teaching or whatnot. my friend stoney so meanly but wisely said in college that once we got married, we wouldn't be friends anymore. i don't think she was completely accurate bc i still call her one of my bf but we don't talk hardly at all and see each other maybe 2x a year. i think a more accurate statement is 'you can't have the same friendship when you're in different places'- because you can't understand they're obligations and priorities. i don't want to leave landon every night- i don't want to mess up his routine - the second he's down for bed i want to be in my jammies, blogstalking and watching dawson's creek. and a single person doesn't want to be at home on a saturday night at 9pm like a loser. neither one is wrong, it's just different.

so where does that leave me and that person? i'll avoid him for a while- until he learns some manners. you know how you can complain and moan night & day about your stupid family but if someone else says something, you go into mama bear mode? that's because one earns the right to complain. and he knows nothing about my little stinker. who is a stinker, i'm not gonna lie but he's the cutest, most lovable stinker in the world and i wouldn't change him for anything.

ps- anyone notice i talked about friends last time? let's hope not all my friends read my blog and figure out i'm talking smack about them.
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KinderTeach said...

I love the little stinker too, even though he cried non-stop when I was babysitting him. I did get a cute video out of it though, so double jeopardy.

KinderTeach said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the crazy mama bear who threw down her stuff like she was about to have an accident in her pants, just to make sure I didn't beat the little stinker.

Caitlin said...

Some people. Seriously, this friend of yours will get a wake up call one day. And its so true, you can complain all you want about your baby, but if anyone else does you want to break their faces.

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