Saturday, August 20, 2011

pregnancy update: baby bullet & puffy the whale

35 weeks
current weekage: 35 weeks [next week i'm considered full-term at 9 months!]

to remind everyone
that yes, i once was skinny
18 weeks
poundage gained: remember how the fluffy wic lady made me feel like a tub of lard? well i went back for an apt with the wic nutritionist and was not looking forward to it but alas, it got me out of work. well, all my fears were completley unjustified- the nutritionist was amazing! granted, i hated all my nutrition classes in college [having majored in exercise science, there were quite a number of them] but this lady was incredibly sweet. she started off by telling me i looked great and was carrying well then said i was right on track with my weight gain. eat that mean wic lady! my counsin recently had her baby and is smaller then she was pre-pregnancy so hopefully i have acquired those same genes.

food i'm oinking: well my little man just loves his slurpees- can't really blame him. they ARE awesome. the other day i downed a bag of chips in two days [and two sittings]. i've also been craving the sweets and still can't eat too much meat. this has become my new favorite website because it makes every day a 'national stuff-your-face-with-something-awesome day'.

how my life resembles a movie infomercials this month: i've noticed it's incredibly hard to bend these days. even just as simple as touching the floor or putting on shoes = the worst. when i shave my legs, i have to take a huge gulp of breath then go for it. so naturally, i'd benefit considerablly from the gopher! a late-night tv/grandma special! the other night justin threw me his empty waterbottle to throw it again, i missed in pure-caitlin fashion, then refused to pick it up. seriously! sometimes i don't think i'd make it back up again! then theres the other infomercial that i WISH resembled my life. have you heard of the baby bullet? it's almost as famous as it's informercial. check out seconds :33, :56, and 5:56- seriously, it's hilarious.

skinny girl i hate this month: anyone who wears a single-digit size. my sweet MIL bought me a pair of maternity capris [and my old navy shorts thank her for giving them more then a days rest between wears] in the same size of said-shorts. but much to my dismay, they wouldn't fit over my ever-expanding birthing hips. thank you nature. i guess my body is getting ready to push this baby out.

exercise regiment i'm doing: we try to go walking at night but alas, when you waddle and can only go about 3 blocks before you are doubling over from fake-labor pains [and having to pee], it's kinda hard to get too much in. but i am still adamant about take the stairs whenever i can and we do try to go on waddles together.

remember my beautiful ring? ya me neither. that's
as far as it will go [twss]
how being pregnant has benefited me this month: i got to cut in the slurpee line at 7-11. life doesn't get better then that.

thing i'm looking forward to this month: uhh...birth. i am excited for this baby to make his exit into the world but at the same time, i am avoiding it at all cost. i finally picked a pediatrician [thanks fb friends] but i can't really set up his nursery, hang up his clothes, finish getting all the stuff we need, or even packing my hopsital bag. speaking of which, i would GREATLY appreciate any advice from mothers on everything from breastfeeding, delivery, the first weeks home, ANYTHING! you know they have those suggestion cards at showers- but no one ever fills it out. so mothers of the world, give me what you've got. i am all ears belly.

my diabolic plan for the next 18 years: as i fb-stalk some old friends, it made me realize how quickly their chicklens are growing up. even my own babies [neice/nephews] are now hitting the 8 and 9 year old mark. hence, my diabolic plan to keep landon a little boy for-ev-ver [said in a 'the sandlot' fashion]. when i look at the relationship my brothers have with my mom or justin has with his, it made me realize that little boys eventually grow up and don't want their mother's kisses/hugs/smotherings anymore. they become too cool to even acknowledge you as you drop them off at lacrosse practice, then they get girlfriends, go on missions and get married and become completley dependent upon another woman! the NERVE! so to avoid my little boy even leaving me, i'm just not going to let him grow up. wish me luck! wow- when did i become one of those crazy moms who can't let go? landon's not even born yet!

and this has nothing to do with landon but i thought i'd share my numero uno pick for the fall 2011 tv season- 'whitney'! she's a comedian from 'chelsea lately' but her upcoming tv show looks awesome based purely upon these promo ads

here's some other tidbits of wisdom from the diva herself:
-50% of marriages obesity
-women go through your cellphone because we care
-silent treatment is really more of a reward then a punishment

another gem that will most likely mimic my new life? up all night. i can't wait to tell justin
'body by nordic track'
but in reality, it'll more be like 'body brisk walks around the nieghborhood with the stroller'

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Hahahah! I just love this blog. "nice package". Man, i hope i'm as crazy as that lady. Also, I too am way excited for Whitney and Up All Night. Also, I'll give you advice whenever. Just ask. I mean, I'm no pro, but I do know about breast feeding a little and the first week home. Just call out my name and I'll be there for you, call out my name, nice and loud. I will never leave you, when you are scared or lonely, just remember to call out my name. (wow. a song me and my friend made up when we were little. still remember it.)

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

u look amazing!! u will be a wonderful mother! Labor hurts just be prepared! make sure u have ur bag packed early so then u dont have to worry about throwing stuff in! also the first couple of weeks at home are hard. Ur boobs swell to size u never knew existed and ur back will kill! but just enjoy ur little baby and being a mommy!! get baby wise the gift of night it will help explain breastfeeding/bottle feeding, schedules and how to sleep train ur infant! I love it to death and everyone else i know has read it and loved it as well! u will an amazing mommy and I cannot wait to see him! enjoy this last week! PS if u go over drink castro oil i drank it its a laxative that puts u right into labor! lol

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