Wednesday, August 24, 2011

blog stalking: america's favorite past time

i've noticed that when i am bored at work [which if often- not that i don't enjoy what i do, i just get done with my buziness so fast i usually have loads of extra time. loads. darn me for being too efficient and awesome] i tend to blog stalk, but let's be honest- who doesn't? that's what you're doing right now right? i used to be a professional facebook stalker but that grew old because i realized, there are no new people and i already know everything i want to know about these peeps, which has lead me to be a professional bs-er [in more then one way].

i found this tidbit of wisdom on twitter the other day:

how true- people always write about the rockin things they do on fb [new jobs, babies, marriages, vacays---or like this one hs 'friend' of mine who i am convinced is dating a pimp, fo'real. and i say 'friend' loosely bc i honestly can't remember her but everyone else i know is friends with her so who am i to deny?] then on twitter complain about life--hello! so do i! look at my shining example:

**anyone noticed a reoccurring theme in my fb brags? one hint: oink oink
so it's confirmed- we all love to blogstalk but live in fear of being caught. i tend to bs people from hs: some i knew and were friends with, most i knew but were not friends with, some i didn't even know. some i follow publicly but most i don't. the other night i had a convo with justin that went something like this:

melissa: i got another follower on my blog today! now my number is up to x!
justin: wow. so there's more creepy people like you? x is not really a big number.
melissa: well most people follow privately because they don't want to be a creeper. i bet i have about (x)^4th fans.
justin: ya ok.

he's not the only one who makes fun of me for loving my blog and you know what 3LW said- 'haters gonna hate' [talk about a '90s flashback]. some of my friends blog stalk this person and this one, even though they don't know them. why? i don't know why, but i'm guilty of it too. the rockstar diaries is addicting bc the chick is gorgeous, super hip, and takes the funnest pictures. oh, and her blog is url-ed at taza and husband but her name is naomi--questionable. maybe i should pick a pseudonym--but i'm honestly not that cool yet. but if i did, i'd go with lola, ophelia, or fanny. if it's good enough for jennifer anistonapoulos, john bongiovi, or stanley kirk burrell, it's good enough for me.

so my point?? honestly don't have one, but isn't that the whole purpose of blogs? let's celebrate america's favorite past time by becoming a public follower of your favorite blog to stalk!
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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Hahaha!! I think you should be fanny. BSing is so much cooler than fbsing you're so right. fb is lame. Maybe i'll start following more blogs publicly. I mean, I love when people stalk me...i'm sure the feeling is mutual.

Kari said...

Whala! I now am a follower :)

Kari said...

I guess that means I'm creepy now? Because I bs you and I just came to speak?

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