Friday, July 15, 2011

pregnancy update: and he shall be named...

30 weeks
current weekage: 30 weeks [7 months]
25 weeks

thoughts about weight gain: i've always been a fluffy gal [as my grandma calls it] and i've been okay with that. but looking back at what i was before i got pregnant- i look so skinny [comparatively]. oh how i long to fit back into my capris or my favorite salmon t-shirt. pretty soon my feet are going to be puffier then a macy's day parade float so those are soon out the window [my heels have already gone] - thank goodness my purses always fit. in better news, my belly button is getting stretched out! justin used to call my belly button 'sticky' because it was deep. well now it's stretched out [not quite popped- my mom's didn't so we'll see if mine does. i'm hoping it does!] now and kinda goes in at an angle- kinda cool.

highlight of this month: i finally got recognized as pregnant! yes, my family and friends who know i'm with child always remark on how big i'm getting or whatevs but a total stranger did it! i was about week 26 and had to visit the welfare office [stupid insurance] and some lady in front of my in the massive line noticed. the next day, the wal-mart clerk said something! just made my week. so moral of the story: ask complete strangers if they are with child. so what if they are just really fluffy; you could always make some pregnant lady's day. or get yourself punched- all in the name of kindness. oh, sidenote: i am now going to the dr every 2 weeks- exciting!
food i'm oinking on this month: bbq chips. one day at work i just had the urge so i bought myself a large bag and hid it under the bathroom sink. poor justin never even got a single chip. my slurpee intake has risen as well but that's partly due to my recent sickness [bronchitis]. i've also been into smores too with the holiday among us.

our big announcement: i'm pregnant! [wow- doesn't really have the same shock value as it did before...sad] well our little baby no-name has a name. and it's a great name. a name of wonder and possibility. full of deep profound meaning. a lot of people have told me i shouldn't tell people the name we pick until the baby is actually here and birth certificerate -legitly named but alas, i am not that good a secret keeper. but maybe i'll keep it just a tad longer...

shenanigans of little baby named but not revealed: he is quite the ninja these days! not all the time but enough to get me annoyed at times. he still is quite shy whenever anyone touches my belly [a trait he inherited from justin bc we all know i have no boundaries]. it's so fun to see my belly jump sometimes when he kicks but defiantly weird when i feel him twist and turn. my doctor recently freaked the CRAP out of me- saying i have to start counting his kicks/hour. the nurse that gave us our hospital tour told me horror stories too about still-borns. so now i'm trying to be grateful for the annoying love kicks i get all the time.
thing i'm looking forward to the most: we have been putting offers in on houses so i'm praying that one goes through before baby surprise name comes about. i'm also really looking forward to my showers- yes, i'm having multiple ones. justin thinks it's the stupidest thing but hey, who is he to complain? free stuff! my MOL is throwing me one at the end of this month before lynsey goes to grad school. my former MOH & sister are throwing me my formal shower labor day weekend [owl theme! it's going to hoot-tastic. yes, i really did just type that] and meghan/whitney [girlfriends] are throwing me a more informal-friend-open house shower [mustache bash theme!] after that. this will be good so i can have more time with everyone, which you can't do at big ones. make sure i have your address so you can get an invite!

how my life resembles a movie book this month: if you haven't read the host, you are missing out. i love this book - yes, it's twilight's ugly sister [but only due to twilights super awesomeness. on it's own, the host would shine a whole light brighter]. synopsis: the world has been taken over by a form of aliens [don't skip over this quite yet- i promise it's awesome] who take over human bodies, typically overcoming their soul. melanie is one of the last remaining wild humans who gets captured and wanda gets put in melanie's body. usually, souls disappear but melanie stays around to fight and eventually wanda runs away from society to join a band of wild humans. amazing story but definatly hard to get into. well sometimes i feel like i have this little alien inside me; i don't know what he thinks but i feel him and i can know things. like when he's sleeping or really jazzed up. i talk to him and sometimes will talk FOR him to justin. or talk to him about justin. it's all just a fun mess.

how my life resembles a movie tv show this month: i'm sorry but i just could not find a movie that fit my mood. yes, i've been catching up on the greats [currently down: junior, look who's talking 1 & 2] but i realize, my life is much more a resemblance to that of miss lorelei victoria gilmore aka my favorite show of all time. so excuse the bazillion quotes but clips weren't available on youtube. so use the original youtube- your mind.

Lane:I wonder if Blanket ever met Tom and Katie's baby, Pillow?

Rory: Yea that would be a perfect playmate.

Lane: When it's naptime they'd be totally set.
Rory: And then they could invite Gwenyth's Apple over for a little snack.
Lane: Banjo, Rachel Griffiths' baby could play for them
Rory: And then they could all jump into Mia Farrow's Satchel and make fun of...what's his face.
Lane: Oh Pilot Inspektor Lee! [i hope we don't have quite the mockery with our picked moniker...but knowing my family, we will]

[Lorelai and Rory pull up in front of Sherry’s house. There are green balloons out front]

LORELAI: This must be the place.
RORY: I think the balloons confirm it.
LORELAI: No pink, no blue.
RORY: All green.
LORELAI: Aren’t baby shower balloons supposed to reflect the sex of the baby? Blue for boys, pink for girls.
RORY: You would think.
LORELAI: What’s green for, aliens?
RORY: I’ll ask when I go in. [my baby colors are actually green and grey- so yes, i am having a little alien]

SHERRY: You have to give me your list of books, okay?

SHERRY: The ones that you read when you had Rory.
LORELAI: Oh, I see. Um, I think I was reading "Deenie" at the time.
SHERRY: No parenting books?
LORELAI: No parenting books.
SHERRY: Well, then where’d you get your information on child raising? Your mom?
LORELAI: No, "For Keeps." Uh, Molly Ringwald, Randall Bantikoff, really underrated little post-John Hughes flick. She went to the prom fat. I found it really inspirational. [my current reads: the host, the mortal instruments series, and the conference edition of the ensign. in that case, my child will learn how to survive an alien invasion while harbor his supernatural abilities, all while serving a mission]

skinny girl i hate this week: the girls i'm hating on this week aren't skinny - they're pregnant but i still am finding myself thinking of ways to sabotage their life with donuts & big macs.  i went to my wic appointment last week [ya for being poor!] and my counselor was telling me i had already gained too much weight [which my doctor says i'm completely normal]. since i was fluffy before, i should only have gained 11-15 lbs. seriously. i looked at this crazy lady and asked how in the world can you only gain 11 pounds! she then replied all smugly, 'i only gained 15'. and this lady is fluffier then i am now that i'm pregnant! what do these ladies do? not eat when they're hungry? that's insane. i'd rather gain an extra 10 pounds and have my baby happy then starve myself. fortunately for me, i never had morning sickness. unfortunately for me, that means i was able to keep my food & calories down. either way, i was content at the size i was pre-baby and i am happy with the size i am now. i don't overeat and i don't eat junk food so just eat. that. [or don't you stupid skinny girls]

planning we did this month: we are officially pre-registered at the hospital and went on our hospital tour last week. i am delivering at centennial- they not only offer mama massages for free, but a post-baby celebratory steak/fancy food dinner- score! we are also registering at targets & babies R us [bring on the gifts people].

so did you really think i wouldn't say the baby's name? come one people- i keep a good secret about as good as lady gaga does 'normal'. and the baby's name shall be.....

landon justin harrison
[insert applause here]
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Liz said...

Mel, you are seriously too funny! I love the name. I never really saw the point in keeping it a secret--unless I was bugged with my MIL and wanted to drive her crazy. All the pics in this post were primo. And i love when women all compare how much weight they gain. Who freakin' cares. Kelly Rippa gains a hundred pounds each time she gets pregnant. It's whatever your baby needs.

MeganKalynn said...

LOVE the name!:) And I didnt know GG was your favorite show too?? Why arent we best friends???

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

hahah u have the best blog to read! i love all the comics! and i stinking love gilmore girls! That episode was really funny as well! plus love love the name!!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

15 pounds? That is crap. Every woman is different. And it's the best when people recognize you're pregnant. Wait till you get to the point where they say "You look about ready to pop." Also, I love the name, but i've said that before!!

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