Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you are officially invited to tuxedo night

remember i told you we get to go to the governer's inaugerational ball? it was a blast. actually, it was more then a ball. it was a tuxedo night. ["how come i never get invited to tuxedo night?"- for those slow or without taste, it's a quote from how i met your mother]. justin got the memo.

tuxedo night also coincided with my last day at work so we didn't have time to go home and change- which ended up with us getting ready at my work. i wore an old bridesmaid dress that was about 5 sizes too big so i wore an undershirt underneath. so i looked incredibly underdressed compared to the other fancy ladies there but my whole ensemble was free! at work i packed up a PB&J, cheetos, and snackpack [the meal of champions] so we were set. we got to the wynn early so had time to walk around and check the place out- so fancy. the bathroom stall was probaly cost more then all of my things combined. they did have a beautiful garden display for chinese new year.

once there we went to the volunteers room and GOT TO SHAKE THE GOVERNOR'S HAND! he was so nice and very sincere. great guy, that sandoval. we ended up being assigned to check-in. once there, we had 10 minutes to alphabetize 2,000+ tickets so that was intense to say the least. the whole check-in was madness. so many angry people and so many geriatric volunteers who refused to let you help out. thankfully that time flew by and we got to the ballroom right as the festivities were starting.

the table was beautiful and so lux- even though we had nosebleed seats, they had swag at tables [fancy notecards, programs and such]. the food was delish and sodas were free- holla! sadly, we didn't see the celebutantes that we hoped to. but since we were in possession of the guest list, here's who came and who we saw: the govanator [shook his hand!], senator ensign [pronounced: n-sin. not n-sign for you mormon folk!], shelly berkley, ross miller, former-first-lady guinn, george maloof [playboy owner of the palms casino], prez & sister tew [old stake president!], kendall tenney, elaine wynn [wife of mr. wynn. of the casino we were at], kevin janison, and most importantly, ed bernstein [enough said- call ed- a tv lawyer]. again, no one my international fans would know but peeps us vegas people love/hate.

we danced some dances, schoozed some people, and touched the jacket of the governor. basically our night was complete. it was so nice getting all fancied up- i think we might make tuxedo night a regular at our pad. what do you think?

here's some pics from our grand night
ed bernstein- this is the best we could get
the govanator
at the wynn

beautiful fake waterfall

the huge ballroom

dinner - notice my undershirt bc my dress was humungo

look who we saw! prez & sister tew!

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Mike + Mo said...

Whatever Mel! You looked Fabulous! Looks like a lot of fun and OF COURSE the Tew's would be there... Hahaha....

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I too think you looked fabulous! That dress didn't look too big at all.

Laura Hendricks said...

i think your writing is hilarious. and i'm with molly, the tews...of course. ahhaha

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

o my heck how fun!!

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