Tuesday, January 25, 2011


out of all the disney princesses, cinderella was by far my favorite.
okay, that's a lie. mulan was. i remember i saw it when i was 12 visiting my sister shannon in arizona. but cinderella would def make the top 5. well guess who gets to be a real live cindermela?
this gal [i'm pointing to myself]
i mean, i always knew i had much in common with the pretty lady in blue.
a) i was enslaved by my evil step-sisters to do their bidding
b) i talk to animals. and sometimes they talk back.
c) i associate with a gus-gus [justin's childhood nickname]
d) i married my handsome prince.

the perfect dress. in chunkier days.
isn't justin the stud of the town? i'm still so smitten

but seriously, how'd i get to lucky? well, it's just one of the perks from being married to the fabulous man i call 'sailor'. in carson city, he will be interning with the republican caucus. and since our new fancy governor is a republican, we are on the VIP list. actually, that's another lie. we are compulsory volunteers. but still, we get to get all fancied up and go to a ball at the wynn- how cool is that? the only downside to this whole event is that we are poor. so i am left to recycle old gowns. i tried to get away with wearing my pink prom dress [the prettiest thing known to man] but alas, justin barely admitted he was with me the 1st time i wore it. so thankfully i can recycle an old bridesmaid dress. it's not the fanciest or cutest but it will do. plus, it's not about the dress. it's about the company AND the dress.

there i will be rubbing elbows with my buddy sandoval and my homebody reid [he's one my folks ya know. read: mormon]. i'm hoping other hometown celebrities make appearances.

andre. in all his glory.

the creepiest bro/sis combo. this is for all my UT fans who have "i heart donny" stamped on their rear.

the gov'na & senate majority leader, or as i like to call him, brother reid.

rita. the funniest lady comic.

our drunk ex-mayor

mr las vegas himself
jealous yet? i would be too. hopefully, this event is where i'll be discovered. for being awesome.
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Amanda said...

Thats awesome,there aren't many occasions when you get to go formal ;)

Mike + Mo said...

Haha, I can't wait to read about you on TMZ!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I agree with Donny and Marie. So creepy. I do not heart Donny.

KinderTeach said...

You know Oscar is our peeps too

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