Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a house of moths

so we are here. and that's about all i really want to say about it.

ok, that's a little drastic, says the drama queen. needless to say, life in carson has not been as smooth as i thought it'd be. i am not afraid to admit that there has been several meltdowns, mostly on my part - alright, completely on my part. we were lucky enough to have two friends and dave [FIL] drive us up and help unload. from there, it was mostly a roller coaster of emotions. i screamed when a moth flew at my face when i opened the cabinets, i gagged when i walked into our smelly apartment, i freaked out when i heard pigeons in our ac unit [i thought one was trapped inside. but turns out, the outside of our unit is quite the hot spot for coo-ers and scratch-ers], i cried when the bath water wouldn't get warm, and i am convinced we have a ghost among us. things here really are a work in progress.

yesterday was justin's first day of work. we expected him to start off running, "nose to the grind" sort of way. not at all. he showed up at 10:30am only to be sent home at noon. yesterday the assemblymen/senators were sworn in so we had another day to GTL, minus the T. for the past week we've had a lot of down time. i've

  • painted my nails
  • cleaned our apt
  • attempted to get the 'death' smell out of the apt
  • walked to smith. 5x.
  • took a tour of the town [library, community center, legislative building and such]
  • read
  • studied
  • ate too much
  • worked out to counter-act the eating
  • did my first load at a laundromat [well, it's a communal one at our building]
  • stupid-bowled it up with some other interns
  • watched a lot of movies on FX

crazy wild harrisons. we did take a trip to reno and checked out unr & the reno temple [SUPER tiny. and i accidentally wore my purple bra- oops!]- that was pretty awesome. hopefully i get this nanny job i've had my eye on. that should keep me busy. between that and trying to chase our apt ghost [i need to figure out if it's a he or a she], i should find myself a niche here.

oh, did i mention we live so close to everything, we hear the bells chime every hour on the hour? it's like a flashback to gilmore girls. let's just hope luke doesn't come here to break them again...
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Amanda said...

Oh my gosh i'm so sorry. you sound like when we moved to price haha I was in a continual state of mental breakdown. It will get better :) And you'll have the appartment smelling lovely in no time!

Mike + Mo said...

Oh dear... Sorry it was rough on ya! Moving is always drama...(i think at least) Sounds like a cute town tho... (besides the pigeons outside your ac unit...)And the ghost you have sounds like its friendly... Like Nearly Headless Nick...

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I'm thinking an apparation is in order. I'll go by knight bus to the medowe , grab a portkey to Mt. Doom, and apparate from there. We'll have a GNO.

KinderTeach said...

You want the nanny position? I know you are desperate to fill your time, but to be a nanny for a Mom who doesn't work and flips out when you microwave a bottle is a little much.

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

i cant believe u ate a moth!!! o gross!! hope all is well!

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