Friday, April 7, 2017

kid update: landon can read!

age: 5 1/2

poundage: too heavy to go on my piggy back rides but light enough for horsey rides...barely

at STEAM club
what landon can do: read! and he reads pretty well. we've soared through a few BOB book sets and he can even read some normal, longer books from the library. i was so proud when he read "go dog go" all by himself in one sitting. that book is long! he really loves books and his favorite day is library day- when i bring home books i picked out for him from the library [sadly his school doesn't have one but we go enough that that was not a big deal for me]. he loves going to STEAM club at the library weekly and is my future engineer. he can brush his teeth and wipe his booty...but not enough that it can go unsupervised. he can now use a tablet and remote basically by himself. he's still not very proficient and i'm very proud of that!  he is pretty amazing at soccer and i can accurately tell you that he is our best player. he's aggressive, fast, and does well on offense and defense. he's also doing very well at school. behaviorally, he's always doing great. his work is usually done accurately and quickly. i've got zero school complaints. and he likes writing letters to people...but only if they promise to send him a $1 back. he has got a memory like an elephant! for reals, he'll wake up and instantly remind me what we were talking about before. he'll remind me of promises made eons ago or ideas mentioned. that's turned out to be pretty terrible because sometimes adults around him make empty promises or plant ideas that they never plan on fulfilling. he's a persistent little dude.

he thought i wouldn't recognize him
with his "hair done"
what landon loves: he loves loves loves legos and usually will choose to do that over anything else. except when he wants to play nerf guns. he is so helpful and a wonderful big brother...except when he teases them. his new obsession is nexo knight legos and also ninjago legos. he's got the entrepreneurial spirit in him and is always looking for ways to earn money. he doesn't always do a good job at chores but he tries. he loves crepes and he likes treats well enough but never overindulgence and often leaves some leftover. he loves playing with his boy friends and playing make believe, although the costumes have fallen a bit by the wayside. he loves playing games or doing activities one on one with me or justin [i'm still his favorite]. he loves sundays because he gets to play on daddy's tablet for an hour. landon loves being read to and just talking one on one. he's not the best singer but he loves music.

what landon hates: eggs [like me] so i don't force it. he is pretty much a wonderful eater and will eat even the worst meals [to him] enough to get a treat/be done. he doesn't enjoy being at home too long or doing laundry. he hates the dentist and acts like a baby there. so much so it surprises me. landon is really a terrific kid who is obedient, helpful, and funny. so on those rare occasions when he throws a fit or does something so uncharacteristic [or fitting for a 5 year old] i am flabbergasted. he really is an awesome first child.

what we're working on: taking off his training wheels, learning how to tie his shoes, wiping unassisted, handwriting [although he is above the curve in his classroom], reading, and not teasing his brothers. but let's face it; that's justin's favorite past time so it's inevitable that it gets passed on.

what we're looking forward to: spring break in arizona, visiting legoland water park with daddy once carson is done, summer swim lessons, his nexo knight birthday party, summer camp with mommy, and not going to school all day.
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KinderTeach said...

I saw in my mailbox I had a new letter. Although this one was pretty pathetic. I think it may only be worth 25 cents. Dude didn't even write his name!!

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