Wednesday, April 19, 2017

sedona: park city with cacti

well it finally happened - my best friend got married!

kayla and i have been friends since the dawn of time. we met playing peewee soccer and played on the same team for years. she moved to my school in the 4th grade and the rest is history! we have always been very similar - and thus fought A LOT! we compete over everything and did almost everything together. we shared boyfriends, played on the same lacrosse and soccer teams, were in the same choirs, in the same classes at school; there is almost nothing we did without the other [except that time she played basketball like weirdo]. most of my childhood school memories involve kayla. we had always said that we would be each other's maid of honors and now it was my turn.
just like old times

i threw her her bachelorette and bridal shower at the end of last year and the wedding weekend finally came. we weren't sure if we would have to bring the kids with us or not but thankfully it all worked out in the end that justin and i could go solo. thank goodness because fancy weddings are no places for kids! especially when the mom is MIA most of the weekend.

we drove out to sedona thursday afternoon and barely got in town in time for the rehearsal dinner. we had to drive through flagstaff and hit a snowstorm. as i was driving in my flip flops and sandals, i was very worried that i hadn't properly packed for this trip. thankfully once we got in sedona it was lightly raining and cleared up in time for the wedding. dinner that night was at a yummy mexican restaurant with some delicious churros. justin and i were able to have a great night together hot tubbing and staying up late watching HGTV.

friday morning i slept in until 9am [the luxery!]. that whole day i spent at kayla's room with the other bridesmaids. this being my first [and last] time as a legit bridesmaid, i wasn't fully prepared for what i was supposed to do but it was fun. we spent a lot of time getting ready, taking pictures, and helping kayla. justin spent the whole day in a hotel bed chilling out which he desperately needed. once we were all ready, i helped kayla and zack take their bridals up in the hills. gorgeous! but i was not prepared for a hike. i don't know how kayla did it in a wedding dress! then we went back, got the bridal party and then did another little hike to take pictures all together.

i should mention that i had the hardest time finding a bridesmaids dress. the ones at david's bridal were not modest at all. thankfully justin's old coworker is a fantastic seamstress and makes her own clothes all the time. she made me my dress which i love!

the actual ceremony was gorgeous. it was perfect weather and kayla looked stunning. the reception was so much fun too. she had an awesome smores bar, dancing, and the best trail mix i've ever had. and like all the best parties i've ever been to, we left before 10pm*. success!
didn't miss us at all at chuckee cheese

the next day was not quite as wonderful since we had to leave town. we decided that we'd try to squeeze in a hike and left later that morning. well if you know hiking, you don't leave later in the morning. we got incredibly lost trying to find the spot and once we found it, all of the parking spots were no where in sight. like we would have had to park two miles away on an inaccessible. i don't HIKE before my HIKE, ya know what i mean?? honestly though we couldn't have even done that because they didn't allow pedestrians on that road. bummer center. either way, we enjoyed most of a saturday kids free!

once we got home, the kids smothered us with love. we spent our day playing outside and enjoying some prime family time. i don't really have a desire to go back there ever again. it was gorgeous and all but vacations aren't vacations unless they involve a beach and a slurpee.

*her dad's truck had broken down and needed a ride that day
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