Wednesday, March 1, 2017

baby update: go go griffin-dor

poundage: 28ish... i really should weigh my kids and make this more accurate but i'm much too lazy.

teethage: 12 but he has some budding through, poor booger boy.

what the baby can say: mama, dada, ball, show [i know right? face palm], book, shoes, milk, water.

what griffin loves: his mama! he's not quite as attached to me as he has been but i'm still #1 in his book. he loves milk, raisins/craisins, books, balls, little legos [even though he's not supposed to play with these, he is CONSTANTLY trying to get at them]. climbing onto high structures [esp tables], being outside, treats. he loves to steal our PVC pipe sliding door jam. like constantly trying to grab at it. he loves froggy [our gym grandma] and mema. he loves playing with his brothers and mimicking what they're doing. he LOVES the bath and loves laying on his tummy. his blankies- he'll carry around ALL or none of them. and he has like 5 in his bed right now.

what griffin hates: brushing his teeth, missing out on the fun, waiting his turn, not seeing up high, not sitting at the counter, not getting picked up.

what griffin can do: climb, play with other kids, clean up, starting to hold a crayon and color on things. he can feed himself pretty well. he can run and climb on the playground by himself [with a hovering mom]. he goes to nursery [a perk of having a mom in the presidency who knows when there's a change of regime who wouldn't notice a 16 month old...] and does awesome at it. i think going to the kids gym since he was 2 1/2 months old helped a lot. poor griffin. he can play duck duck goose, go grab his shoes, or other things. he's starting to identify and respond to instruction which is fun.

what we're working on: listening, playing well with his brothers, words. he's not too interested in baby sign or maybe i just wasn't as diligent in teaching it as i was before.

what we're looking forward to: i guess it should be nursery but that one is covered... grandma shell coming into town. going to arizona and meeting our new niece.

he recently had a bad bout of ditherer which was so disgusting. one night he pooped in the bathtub. twice. i even got it on camera. although he can be quite a stinker, he is totally my favorite right now. he loves to mimic his brother [chasing them, growling/screaming like they do, wrestling]. he is so cute and funny. it makes me so sad because i missed this time in porter's life because i was 9 months pregnant and then had a newborn. explains a lot about how porter is. either way, i love griffin and i'm loving this stage in his life right now. griffi-bear, you are my sweet little baby bear! go go griffindor!

*and for some reason he thinks undies go on heads. i can't figure out why but i completely support it.
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KinderTeach said...

I love Griffindor! I'm glad he makes you so happy. Poor Porterhouse, I don't think he has ever been your favorite. Well, don't worry Porterhouse, middle children eventually become the favorite. Just ask Grandma Shell, I'm definitely the favorite now.

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