Wednesday, November 30, 2016

brunch & bubbly [well, not for me]

whew! i am DONE with my parties for the year- DONE! i have put my sweat, blood and tears into this particular wedding weekend and it was worth it. everything went off without a hitch and it was just as much fun as i had hoped. i'm so happy for kayla and her wedding has been YEARS in the making. she is a gorgeous bride and i can't wait for march.
kayla's pinterest board was super helpful and i had some ideas of my own. thanks to pinterest of course. my main focus was these paper flowers. i really stressed about making these and put them off for a long time. eventually once i started, i couldn't stop. it was a lot easier then i thought and they were so cute. the pictures don't do them justice. i wish i could have gotten one solid background but i love them. here's the bride with her mother in law [who flew in from wisconsin] and kayla's mom.
 another decoration that i wanted to do was this hula hoop balloon thing. i have an amazing facebook friend who throws amazing parties. she thought this up [well, a better version of it] and i copied it the best i could. it was not easy to hang up, let me tell you. thankfully the man of the house figured it up. speaking of which, kayla's good friend from church hosted the party. games were minimal. we did bridal shower bingo, he said/she said, and i videotaped zack, kayla's fiance, answer some questions. it was hilarious and the hit of the party.

the party favor was a small succulent that said 'see you sedona' [where she's getting married]. we had a date jar and some jenga blocks that guests signed with advice for building a happy marriage.
kayla's sister was in charge of the menu which was a huge load off my back. it was delicious! chicken salad sandwiches, french toast and egg casserole, fruit bruschetta; to name a few. oh, and mimosas. which i didn't even know what those were. live and learn!
there was a good number of friends there, mostly from california, which is a huge compliment to kayla. it was a nice bridal shower and so much fun not taking care of my kids all day! next stop, the bachelorette party!

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Kari said...

you ARE the party queen! I wish you were here to help me with Kendrick's first birthday coming up next week! Your style seems just what I would need. Nice work!!

KinderTeach said...

I keep telling you, you should go into party planning

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