Saturday, November 19, 2016

30 before 30

like most people anticipating a big birthday celebration, i started to panic a few months ago about my age. how in the world did i get so old?! where did the time go? i'm pretty sure i'm still 17. caitlin's post around her birthday made me think about what i wanted to do in the 6 months i had left and i'm happy to say i've done a bunch! most of the big stuff didn't happen but the little stuff did. and life is made up of the small moments anyways.

a lot of this stuff i have already done but wanted to do again or differently. as you can see, it didn't even get halfway completed. that's ok- now i have something to life for in my 30s!

1 - sky dive
i went indoor skydiving once and it was so much fun! when my brother went for his 21st birthday, i tried to go too but i was too young. i wish i had that problem now!
2 - fit into my wedding dress again
when i went with my BF kayla wedding dress shopping i tried on my dress. i'm 10lbs heavier then i was when i got married but the dress just wouldn't zip over my ribs/boobs. my friends and i are determined to have a wedding dress party a la 'friends' one of these days.
3 - go to the drive ins for a date night [like we did in HS when we had our first kiss]
4 - back up and organize my digital photos
this was fairly easy for me to complete. we already had a back up system in place but i didn't really have my pictures organized. that took some time! it was fun to look through old memories and also see where i've got some digital pictures missing.
5 - start my retirement account
6 - take my kids to the beach
7 - run a 10k
8 - rewatch the harry potter and twilight movies
i haven't quite finished these because so many good shows in the fall started! i've got 3 more harry potters and 2 more twilights. i can do it! 
9 - go rock climbing
10 - karaoke
i am the karaoke queen! sadly i haven't done it in years. girls night?
11 - learn the 'single ladies' dance
12 - do a crossword puzzle by myself
this came after i did one while flying to florida. it was fun challenging my brain in that way. i downloaded an app and played the games pretty fiercely for a few weeks. then it tapered off. still though - it was good while it lasted
13 - make a decadent chocolate cake
did this for my birthday! so delicious!
14 - throw a surprise party
this year i have thrown SO many parties! not one of them was a surprise. i thought about doing a surprise baby shower for one person but it wouldn't work out logistically. but it's still on my bucket list. parties i've thrown this year: porter's 2nd construction party, coordinate 2 t-ball parties at cici's, countless swim parties, helped with lynsey's baby shower, zobrist reunion, summer scavenger & olympic parties, griffin's lame 1st birthday, ali & selene's baby showers, landon's awesome olympic party, my awesome harry potter party, co-host halloween party, and upcoming kayla's bachelorette and bridal shower. i'm the party queen!
15 - go to the linq and try sprinkle's cupcake ATM
shortly after i made this list, justin came home with a dozen sprinkle cupcakes. that's $36! they just became members of the chamber so they gave out free cupcakes and i got to try almost every flavor.... bit of a let down. i think half the flavor comes from the exclusivity of not being able to eat so many because they're so expensive. still haven't made it to the linq but i will!
16 - visit crystal palace skating rink
17 - create a time capsule
one week for family home evening, we had a lesson about family history and made a time capsule. it wasn't anything fancy. just a few pictures and printables we completed that give a snapshot to our time right now. pretty fun.
18 - see a play
not that this is exciting but i took the kids to see "wizard of oz" at the library. not exactly what i wanted but justin doesn't like the theatre and it's quite expensive. plus we don't have babysitters. 
19 - sleep outside with the kids
during the summer, i took the kids up to visit my parents in northern utah. i figured this would be a perfect time to sleep outside. and it was just as miserable as i expected it to be! it was chilly, the train came by my parent's house several times a night [which last about 10 minutes per visit], the wind was blowing hard and no one got a good night's rest. but i did it!
20 - go on ellen
21- go without technology for a day - at home
i really have no excuses on why i haven't done this yet. i realize i am so much happier and productive when i don't have screen time but it's just so hard to do when you're alone most of the time.
22- take professional pictures
done! my friend megan took our family ones a week before justin left for south america.
23 - eat seafood
24 - play lasertag
funny story- i mentioned laser tag to my sister with landon in the car and since then he's been obsessed. he wants to know all the rules, how to play, watch youtube videos. all he wants in his life is to play laser tag.
25 - try an exotic fruit
26 - have an awesome harry potter birthday party
done and DONE!
27 - surprise my BFs with a gift
this was something i've tried to do all year long. with my sisters it was easy since we do a summer package exchange during the summer or i saw them. i can't remember most of them but here's what i remember. shannon i got her a rainbow brite snuggy, anna got my pregnancy clothes and chocolates. devin got a water bottle. caitlin got a harry potter coloring book. holly got a pioneer woman cookbook. my mom got a sign that says 'home is where your mom is'. i found that one in the clearance section at deseret book and had a full on break down there. kayla was easy and more spoiled because she's getting married. she got a bride shirt, a countdown calendar, and some other wedding stuff. meghan is the hard one. i'm still trying to come up for the perfect gift for her.
28 - co-host a dinner party
meghan got the idea that she wanted to host a dinner party and so i suggested we just do it for my birthday party. she held a practice one where our kids were invited and it was chaos. 
29 - finish my book
i never got around to doing this and then i realized my idea has already come to fruition at deseret book. although my book would have been much better and prettier. maybe one day.
30 - do a pinterest project from every one of my boards
this was fun to do! some boards i don't really use often and others i use all the time. some things i did: created a road trip scavenger hunt for my kids, did a harry potter and olympic's party, washed my pillows, did a pioneer sharing time, threw an awesome bridal shower, made a wedding binder for kayla, slept outside with the kids; to name a few.

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KinderTeach said...

I'm sure Awn would do the Single Ladies dance with you. I'll watch the HP and/or Twilight with you. You and Devin can take the kids to laser tag on Wednesday. We can also get some shrimp to cross that one off

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