Wednesday, November 16, 2016

my twenties in a nutshell

where in the world did my 20's go? for serious, it was just yesterday i was a teenager. now i'm in my 30s. like a grown up. like responsible and stuff. what? that's insane. what in the world have i done with ten years of my life? where did the time go? i still feel like a young 24 year old. mid-twenties. that was a good age. did you know that lorelei gilmore is 32 when gilmore girls started? that's two years away from right now! i am almost as old as lorelei!

so here's my attempt to condense ten years of my life.

20 - finished my second year of college at UNLV. justin got his mission call to uruguay. i left for college at SUU and met some amazing friends. got called to be relief society president, which really changed the way i lead.

21 - learned how to french braid. my BF kayla flew into cedar city to celebrate the big 2-1 with me. experienced my first snowy winter. stared in the awesomest video for church. graduated institute. had the most memorable college memories with my awesome roomies.

22 - performed lip sync and ROCKED it. presented my UGRAD research project. threw an awesome bachelorette party for my BF kitty cait. graduated college suma cum laude! went on a church history tour with my sister and mother. welcomed my sailor home from his mission. got engaged!

23 - spent my birthday stuffing wedding invitations! got MARRIED! got our first apartment and made our first married friends. hosted many game nights. visited mexico, costa rica & panama. made my stage debut as madonna. met my BF meghan and swam with a dead bird.

24 - meghan threw me a bombtastic surprise birthday party, complete with a pinata! i got knocked up in mexico. moved to carson city and was sick and unemployed. justin completed his internship. moved into my friend's apt. moved into in-laws house. moved into my mom's house. had a baby. bought a house!

25 - dealt with a cranky baby. grandma hurst died. learned how to be a mom. justin got a new job. justin graduated UNLV. justin got another new job. became a full-time stay at home mom. made some awesome mom friends. celebrated landon's 1st birthday. travelled to san francisco and the CA coast.

26 - learned how to deal with a toddler. moved to carson city. found joy and lonliness in the snow. visited sacramento. saw lake tahoe. got pregnant. went on a babymoon with holly & nate. lynsey got married. finally got a backyard - with grass!

27 - after christmas my pooh bear was born! we got new floors [in our old house]. we went to utah. porter had surgery. our garden flourished. landon took a summer class. we did more house projects. i learned how to can. went to utah again. did more house projects. went to disneyland.

28 - went to florida - with kids! porter had his first birthday - which was overshadowed by griffin's pregnancy announcement. justin got a new job and then went off to carson alone. we went to arizona. landon completed his first year of prek and swim lessons. we visited disneyland. landon learned how to ride a bike. we sold our house. we bought a house. we had a third baby. landon started his last year of prek and started tball.

29 - we worked on our money pit. i tried to survive 3 kids and became regularly medicated. i got called to the primary presidency and once again, it's helped me grow in new ways. we had a tree fall on our house. i moved my mom out of her house. i saw a lot of concerts and painted a lot of walls. landon graduated prek and became a pro swimmer. justin and i went to florida- without kids! griffin had surgery. landon started kindergarten. i ate a lot of feelings and threw a lot of parties.

i sure hope this post comes in handy when my kids write my obituary. i feel old being in my 30s but i've had a lot of great and some not-so-great experiences. i love where i'm at now. i'm thirty, flirty, and thriving!!
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KinderTeach said...

You've done great things in your 30 years. You have lived a lot in the past 10 years. Here is to your next 10 years and your chocolate mousse being two days late.

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