Saturday, December 3, 2016

the bride tribe

after kayla's bridal shower, i met my mom & the kids at mcdonalds. they were having so much fun with grandma, they didn't even miss me. i had missed them terribly and it had only been a few hours. i switched cars and headed to meet the girls at the dollhouse blowout bar [at tivoli village]. the owner set us up in the bar with free *cotton candy* champagne. it was here that i ordered my first drink! i didn't consume that drink but i sure ate some cotton candy off the top. most of the girls got blowouts. i got a pedicure. we ran over to downtown summerlin and met up with everyone for dinner at CRAVE. it was a sushi/steakhouse and was so delicious! downtown summerlin on a saturday night is a crazy time but luckily the restaurant wasn't too crowded and easily accommodated our giant group. we showered our bride with some sexy gifts and i ate the most delicious steak medallions i've ever had.

after that we walked to dave & busters [newly opened in vegas]. there was a boxing match that night so there was a cover charge. luckily we got in free because we were a bachelorette party! gotta love vegas! we played lots of games and tried to get kayla drunk [didn't happen]. i had never been but it is literally a grown up chuck e cheese. except more expensive. with better food. i prefer chuck e cheese. it still was a lot of fun!

after that we drove downtown to the cosmopolian. here we met even more saturday night traffic, especially on the strip. we had a lot of fun in the car. that was the most fun i had all night. just girls being girls! right when we walked into the restaurant [we had come for some delicious deserts] i saw a high school buddy. well, he was justin's football friend but i knew him from that circle. justin had mentioned he worked there but i, of course, forgot. he's the operations manager so he totally set us up! free appetizers, discounts, and i got my dessert on the house! i think it helped that i brought up the fact that he got smashed in my church parking lot at my wedding reception. by that time it was well after midnight and i was tuckered. i have to nap for my 10pm bedtime; after midnight was killing me! while we ate we went around talking about our favorite memories of kayla. luckily i had plenty to share! my friend also came by and offered us these dry ice/flavored mint thingys. basically you put it on your tongue and it makes your mouth smoke as it melts. well the first time i just couldn't handle it and spit it out everywhere. everyone laughed. then i thought i could handle it now that i knew what i was getting into but no, i spit that out too. i am weak sauce.

the night was far from over though. i was the DD for the night and had the privilege to drive all the girls back to their cars and houses. worth it to keep everyone safe! it was seriously so much fun but going to church the next morning was very, very painful. and a little embarrassing because i had a 'bride tribe' tattoo on my face i couldn't wash off.

oh, i forgot to mention the best parts! i made these adorable diamond themed invitations for the party. they took so much time and work and yet i still took almost no pictures of them. inside was the schedule, what to pack, and info on the party. all of us girls wore britney spears themed shirts. kayla's read 'i'm the bride b*tch'. mine said 'you want a piece of me?'. originally we were going to see britney in concert but that got too expensive but the shirts stayed. i also made survival kits for the girls who came. inside was a granola bar, water bottle, tylenol, hair tie ['to have and hold your hair back'], a thank you note from the bride herself, a bride tribe tattoo, party beads, chocolate, and make-up remover wipes. the bags were so cute and the details were amazing! yet again, i didn't take any pictures. oy vey.

i'm so happy it's all over! it was so stressful but worth it. i'm so excited for zack and kayla. can't wait for march!
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