Tuesday, August 16, 2016

baby update: wild ONE

poundage: 21lbs

teethage: 4 and one budlet coming through

words: none. he'll often whine "mmamamamama" but i don't think that counts.

what griffin loves: he loves tummy tickles, crawling to me, landon [he is the greatest big brother. he'll regularly entertain or stop him from getting into trouble], watermelon, hand puppet books, bankie [his binkie has been taken away and he did pretty good without it], dirt and playing outside, floor food, toilet water, cheetos of all kinds, grapes, the pool, and me. he ADORES me! i just love this stage for that reason alone. i'll come into the room and it'll brighten his day! the expression on his face is only for me and i love it! he loves trying to play with his brothers and they affectionally call him baby-zila [coined by yours truely] and push him away from their set up.

what griffin hates: not being held, most foods, baths [he will stand the whole time and whine for me to get him out. i think that has more to do with his brothers in there too though then the actual water, because he loves swimming], being scared, not being held. poor guy doesn't quite know he's the third and therefore, neglected, child.

how griffin sleeps: 7pm - 6am about. he takes two naps a day; always at least an hour long, ususally closer to two. it's funny how broken i thought landon was when he was this age but i've come to realize i was the problem. it's ok to let your kid cry it out a bit when they wake up too early. babies need sleep! and often times they need to learn to soothe themselves

what griffin can do: pull up and climb but he's no where near walking. i try to take his hands and walk with him but he won't do it. he can get around much faster/easier on his arms and legs. plus he's kind of bow legged so that's something i'm watching.  he can eat a gogo efficiently which is kind of a big deal for me. he can wave bye bye. he loves to climb up on the little chair porter uses to play with legos at landon's table. he'll climb up there, grab some little legos and shove them in his mouth as fast as he can. little stinker!

what we're working on: walking obviously. eating food. switching over to whole milk and drinking out of other sippy cups [he's partial to one style and i only have one cup left like that]. [limited] baby sign language. he's recently started to get a little sad when i leave him at the gym [although he's been going since he was 2 1/2 months] but he'll get over that one quickly.

what we're looking forward to: more one-on-two time with landon in school. playgrounds and cooler weather. birthday shenanigans and cupcakes. landon had a huge puppy party at the park. porter had a more low-key pirate one at our house but had to share the limelight with the announcement of a third baby. and griffin just gets a mid-day pool party with his brother's friends and then costco pizza at night. poor third child.

i seriously just love my griffy-goo. he is so chill and so sweet. he makes my life easier and i know when landon's gone at school next year, he'll help porter transition. i'm still not a super fan of the name griffim but i do love this guy. this year has flown by. that's why i'm so glad i take pictures- it helps me remember the crazy times we've had. i love your chunky chunky thighs and cankles. i love how your smile brightens my day. i love your dimples and how easy you've made three be. i love you for always.

*it was fun to look at his brother's one year updates here and here. well, fun for me, probobley not for you. it's funny how different yet the same they all are at the same age. and then how they're still the same people today- just bigger.
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KinderTeach said...

Happy Birthday Griffindor

Kari said...

What a cutie pie. I love reading about him and how sweet he is! Enjoy his special day with him!

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