Saturday, August 13, 2016


did you see that buzzfeed article on famous people's first seven jobs? it's nice to know that those awesome people who do amazing things weren't always CEOs of giant companies or flying into space. my roots are just as humble and apparently just as short.

1 - chicken butcher [my parents owned a chicken processing plant]

this is the only pic that comes close being a
work picture. my food handler's license.
oh goodness those "bangs" - chollo much?
2 - home theatre receptionist

3 - accounts recievable/general manager assistant

4 - custodian

5 - equipment cage manager

6 - recruiter receptionist

7 - podiatrist receptionist

current - stay at home mom

while a SAHM emcompasses a lot of skills, it's not highly valued in the marketplace. when i worked for the recruiters, i would sift through tons of resumes and weed out the ones without enough experiences. 9/10, the women who were coming back from taking care of their kids full time got passed over. it didn't matter what they had accomplished beforehand; they weren't current. now that could have just been my office but i doubt it. former SAHMs most often go back to menial jobs and have to work their way back up the ladder.

recently i received in the mail a statement from the office of social security that detailed my contributions [which started back in 1999 [i was 12]. although i worked for 14 years, i still hadn't contributed enough to qualify for social security when i hit 85 [which will be the retirement age when i'm old]. that kind of scared me. justin and i have a ROTH IRA set up for him and contribute as much as we can, but that's it. how scary is that?! i'm almost 30 and have nothing saved up for retirement. dave ramsey, i'm going to be stalking you.

this isn't the first time i've contemplated what i want to do when my kids are at school all day. i have a friend who has one child and i asked her what she planned to do with all her free time when her daughter started kindergarten. she replied that she would do the same stuff that she would always do: workout, clean, cook, shop, budget, etc. i felt bad for thinking she would have so much free time when in reality, she wouldn't. she would still be busy being a mother and wife. still though, i want more. i feel like i short-changed myself by getting a degree that's not really applicable.

i'm not quite sure what my future holds. i think even if i don't get a job, i'll still be busy raising and caring for 4 boys [and maybe one more- but not now #nobaby2016]. i'll be taking them to practices and helping with homework. i'll still have a home and people to cook for [what great blessing all these things are]. maybe i'll do more family history. maybe i'll get a six pack. maybe not. ok, for sure not. either way, i'll be busy even if i don't get a job. but i want one. and what that job will be, i'm not sure. hopefully something that makes me a million dollars by doing a minimal amount of work.
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Maybe you can be the first player of the horse riding soccer team

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