Wednesday, June 1, 2016

this month

this month...

justin will be gone more days then he will be home

this kids will slowly chip away at my will to live

landon will start taking swim lesson - and hopefully say goodbye to floaties

we're going to our last t-ball game [until griffin plays, because there's no way porter will]

i'm going to stay in a hotel by myself with 3 kids [oy vey]

st. george is going to have a sudden influx of zobrists

i'm going to lose 10 lbs

my house will thunder with sounds of cackling

i'm going to sit by the oceans and forget i have three kids

justin & i will make friends in low places

griffin is getting surgery and i'm going to fall to pieces
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1 comment:

KinderTeach said...

The thunder of cackles will be a wonderful time. Almost a week away and your house will be full of hens!
Plus think how much more fun that week will be without Sailor getting all stressed about all the gaggle being there.
The surgery sucks but everyone needs a little nip and tuck sometimes. 😉
I hope you forget you have kids and make friends in low places BUT don't forget they are your kids and you have to come back. Love you baby sister

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