Wednesday, May 25, 2016

weight loss wednesday: post-3 babe body

i haven't posted about my weight loss journey which is kind of weird because it consumes so much of my life. i am CONSTANTLY thinking about it, which isn't necessarily a good thing but it's what it is for now. not for always.

on black friday i got a fitbit which has been so fun for me. i like the reminder to keep active during the day and the challenges you can have among friends. i have one friend who does an unbelievable amount of steps per day so i'm always trying to top her- i'm coming for you molly! i love seeing how hard my workouts were and how my heart can spike during the day. it really has been worth the $100!

working out for me has never been a challenge. i love the gym! i LIVE for the gym! the other day i went to pick up my kids after a workout and porter was cradled in ms. yvonne's arms, obviously sick. i told her she could have come and gotten me but she told me 'i know how much you need this time and i could sit and hold him' [it was a teething fever]. she is too good to me. seriously though, when i don't get my hour of gym time, everyone suffers. i've always loved exercise and sports. i believe it's been a huge reason why i've been able to stave off the depression that runs so deeply in my family. recently i've gotten better at running which makes me proud. i've gotten faster and can do more. not that i have aspirations of running a marathon but it's nice to be in shape- because i am.
my weigh in for diet bet

i tried journaling my food and doing a friend's fitness challenge earlier this year but it wasn't sticking. that's when i signed up for the diet bet through our best bites. i enlisted the help of my BF kayla and together we knocked out some pounds! we were texting each other throughout the day with victories, losses, and hilarious fitness memes. it brought us closer and winning some money was a HUGE incentive! it only turned out to be our entry fee + $4 but still, i needed to get my money ba

ck! and i did! [for our game, we had to lose 4% of our weight in 6 weeks]. we are doing another one together right now and i've already met my goal.

i officially signed up for weight watchers after going to a gym class and seeing my reflection. i have a pretty good self esteem. even being overweight, i love my body and i love who i am. still though, seeing my reflection just hit me and i knew my challenge was really food. the current promotion was pay for 3 months [$50- no sign up fee]. if you lose 10lbs in that amount of time, you could get a $50 visa card or another 3 months for free. i could do 10lbs. and i did before my first month was up. i'm not sure if i want to do another 3 months or get the gift card [last time i had lost motivation after 3 months but we'll see how this time goes]. i'm a purely online member which works for me. they have a message board [think intstagram] where people can post pictures and encouragement. i don't post but i love reading success stories- it keeps me going. the food diary collection is hands-down the best one i've ever used, and i love the bar code scanner. i know it's not for everyone but it works for me.

because of my couplecation, i weaned griffin around 9 months. that was hard for me emotionally because i had worked SO hard to get him to breast feed in the first place! it was SO painful and i love that bonding but it wasn't feasible [or fun] to pump while i was gone. i don't think anything is wrong with formula, it's still just hard. and more expensive. i miss my ww breastfeeding points too. my hunger is just insane when i breast feed and i couldn't really get down to the weight i wanted while doing it. plus i couldn't take this medicine i had my eye on...

i have two friends who had used an appetite suppressant to lose a significant amount of weight and my curiosity was peaked. i know what to do, i know what to eat, but i still wanted a little extra help! especially when it came to my appetite. after i weaned griffin the dr prescribed me a medicine that works similar to ADHD medicine. the first day i took it i felt fantastic! the upper was instant and fantastic! i went to the gym and felt like i was flying on the treadmill! that feeling doesn't last forever but it does work as somewhat a mood enhancer. and i didn't feel hunger. i still ate but those deep pains and urges were gone. i didn't feel uncomfortably full- just satisfied. it's not for long-term use and you have to meet certain criteria but i've liked it so far.

so far i've lost 15lbs and i'm really proud of that. i don't have dreams of being a skinny minny. i enjoy food and i LOVE eating but i just want to be healthy [which i am. a recent blood test and dr's visit proved that]. i just want to feel sexy and comfortable in my skin.
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KinderTeach said...

You are an extraordinarily awesome lady my beautiful baby sister

Kari said...

Wahoo! Go you! That's great. I hate losing baby weight. The. Worst. And your success makes me want to work a little harder!

Caitlin said...

You are looking fantastic. I need to find something that works for me. But I am seriously so proud of you!! Way to motivate me to work harder.

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