Tuesday, May 24, 2016

baby update: 9 in, 9 out

baby griffin update

monthage: 9

teethage: two with two budlets on top

poundage: 18

what griffin eats: almost everything- even peanut butter and milk products. he is interested in all foods and is not as interested in nursing as much as he was before but he still won't give it up for a bottle. although i am trying hard as i can before my kid-free vacation in june. some of his favorite foods include graham crackers, baby food, watermelon and ice cream. man he really like that ice cream! he's getting better at using his fingers to grasp items and drinks from a sippy cup like a champ.

what griffin does: he can crawl like someone is chasing him, which is true. his brothers usually are. he is pulling himself up but his fat little feet just can't support him quite yet. he moves quite fast too and can maneuver the one step down we have quite nicely. he can clap too. he says mama and dada but i don't think that's on purpose quite yet. he only eats once a night which is nice too. going to phase that out pretty soon. the binky isn't going to be taken away until after his surgery at the end of june.

what griffin loves: his binky. he only gets it when he goes to sleep and i'm trying to prep the take-away by having him use his blanket as a lovie. it's slow moving but going to work. he just loves me which is magical. there's such a small window of time where your kid looks at you like you can move mountains. like you are the end all, be all. and i am his sun. he loves his brothers except for the constant picking up and pushing. he loves water. standing up. watching his daddy.

what griffin hates: not being picked up or loved on. bottles and formula. his car seat.

what we're working on: walking, bottles, no binky, enduring sacrament meeting with this squiggle monster, sleeping through the night.

what i love about griffin: his girlish high pitch scream which is so pathetic and cute, his crying face, how good he is at being on the floor playing by himself, how he can find me no matter where i am in my house [which is so easy feat- we have a lot of rooms and a lot of walls!], how he'll cuddle into my chest when he's tied, the way he hides his head when he's shy, his rolls for days [especially in his crotch], his cankles- for serious- cankles. and

what we're looking forward to: our family reunion in june, babysitting time with his favorite aunt while mama & daddy go on vacation, summertime swimming, & popsicles galore!
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KinderTeach said...

He is a cute little booger and of course you have to send us all those booger shots too. I'm excited to get to know him better and become Porterhouses favorite aunt

Caitlin said...

I feel like i don't see enough pictures of this boy. I can't believe he is already 9 months!!! What they heck? He is an adorable little boy, and his cry face is way cute too.

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