Tuesday, May 17, 2016

life lately: bird killers annonymous

life lately has been full of tantrums & fits. poor porter. terrible twos have nothing on him. he is a storm of emotions when he's around his brothers but when he's alone, he is just the cutest, cuddliest bug in the world. he was such a great little baby and has since turned into something unearthly. one day i'll get my sweet baby back. hopefully with a whole lot less sass. his favorite things to say now "go away daddy" or "i HATE ____". 
life has been full of new adventures for my griffy bear. he is crawling, he is pulling himself up and he is even starting to stand on his own. his crib has been lowered, his thick little thighs are thinning up. my little baby is disappearing into a big baby and it breaks my heart. and makes me so happy. that little boy is just the best and i'm so thankful i got an easy third child. at least for now. and look at pooh bear- i told you he could be adorable. sometimes.
 lately we've been having a wet spring. so wet and cold we actually got SNOW! it melted quickly but still, it was great! we loved it. and now we've got 90 degree weather, so thanks vegas! we took advantage of the nice weather and made our first check off our summer bucket list. a visit to the 51s games with the irelanders. landon was so excited because he is a "professional t-baller now" and the icing on the cake was it was star wars night. oh and i totally busted my head on my kitchen cabinet. it was the WORST!
 life has been full of sweet moments too. despite porter's fits, he still is such a snuggly guy. his love language is touch by far. he just loves cuddling and often comes in our bed at night. and his favorite person to snuggle is daddy. they really are clones of each other. you think that'd make me more patient when he does naughty things but no, it doesn't. he still is my pooh bear and i love that guy. oh and the bottom pictures- he missed church because he was sick and our musical chorister stopped by JUST to give him his stampy- the highlight of his week. she's aces.
lately i've been feeling overwhelmed. after one particularly terrible day i went to go get a slurpee. then dropped it. i cried and cried and cried. my stick still sticks, ironically. little griffin now has one tooth and the other on it's way. it has not been pretty but he still is adorable. it's been palm trees coming down and a whole nest of birds getting squashed in the process [oops!]. but look at those adorable best friends holding hands! [i'm trying to distract you from the fact that i'm a murderer. well, technically justin is].
lastly, life has been joyful. despite my cranky teething baby and my terrible two toddler, we've had a lot of joyful moments. blasting off to space with a friend. a date night to a fancy restaurant with my two favorite men. an adorable t-ball team and a little brother who can't help but follow in big brother's footsteps. be still my heart.

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KinderTeach said...

You can't forget the big boy underwear and peeing in the potty.

Kari said...

Poor Porter, life is so hard. And while I believe you that he can be naughty, I just don't believe it - he's so darn cute!

I think if I dropped a slurpee in my car too, on a bad day, I would still be crying about it.

Caitlin said...

Porter and Madalyn would get along great!! Haha. And man, I am so sorry about your head. That looks painful. I'm also sorry about the slurped. I definitely would have cried too!!!

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