Tuesday, June 7, 2016

my heart my house: painting in the lines

house projects usually begin something like this:

justin: i think i'm going to paint the outside of the house next weekend since i'll have monday off.
mel: ok
justin: i'll talk to my dad to see if he gets some time off to help

justin: so what do you think about camping next weekend? i can get my dad's RV
mel: with the irelands? no, i'd rather get stuff done around the house.
justin: yeah, i can get the house painted, maybe clean out the garage. and we can go look at some curtains fabric.

*friday afternoon*
justin: so i'm running to home depot so we can start painting the inside of our house.
*comes home from the store after the kids are in bed and i'm painting my nails*
justin: what are you doing? i was hoping you had started to clean up to paint
*insert melissa's dumb founded face*

we had a lot of projects and plans we want to do and i'm so thankful justin wants to do it all for us. we just never have enough time, money, or help. and sadly this time i was the only option for help. mind you, the last time i painted was my tiny room back at my parent's house [pink, of course]. i'm not a detail minded person. i'm a get-it-done-as-fast-as-possible kind of gal. but alas, i was justin's only choice.
friday night we cleared out our tv room, hallway, formal and casual dining rooms and kitchen. and it was a lot. after taking things off, we starting on painting the ceilings. you'd think that white ceilings are white ceilings but that is not true. our house has low ceilings [which saves a lot on heating/cooling! but also make its kind of feel dark and cramp] so a brighter top definitely brightens up the place. well it turns out the ceiling ended up needing 3 coats of white paint [obviously not in the same day]! and painting a ceiling is not easy on the shoulders. by that first night i was pooped.

saturday we painted the walls and i helped out when the griffin was sleeping. this part was a lot more fun! i wish i could count the different colors we had our our walls [and still have in the other rooms]. seriously, green, brown, tan, off-white, yellow. we've got it all! the green was the most satisfying to cover up. the brown was the hardest to cover up. by saturday night we had one coat on the walls and could see what it would look like.
*we used the same color we had in our old house. because we liked it a lot and also because we had a huge bucket of it already. it's an odd white tan/greyish color.

sunday we didn't do much because it was the sabbath but did do some after the kids were in bed. i worked on the paint around the baseboards while justin did...something? can't remember.

monday we put on the second coat of our wall color. or maybe we did that sunday night? who remembers [not me. i was seriously beyond exhausted. we would stay up well past midnight and the kids would wake up at 5am. that plus the physical exhaustion has really taken a toll on me]. i spent most of my monday on my hands & knees scooting around the floor. we have mexican tile- the pain of my existence. it's a very high maintenance tile that's not kid friendly and uneven by it's nature. and it was super gross and hadn't been sealed in years [which it needs every few years]. we lack the money to strip and reseal it. plus if we do spend that much money, we'd rather get new tile. so we're just dealing with it for 15 years or so until we can replace it. anyways the tile is super gross, has lots of stains, cracks, and holes- especially in the kitchen. so i went around with a razor blade and rag, cleaning up the grossness and paint splatter. it took ALL day. my back, butt, and shoulders killed! i can't really tell a different but i feel better. after the cleaning and sweeping of all the gunk, i finished off my moping while justin painting the edges. not a fun job either. eventually by 10:30pm we were able to move back our furniture and resume our lives.

our poor kids suffered this weekend [so much TV] but we also tried to break up the time by swimming. having our own pool has really been a game changer. we've gone 5 days straight! still, i am super happy with the result and it makes me like my house more. and justin is just a super star. he is handy and will actually get projects done [unlike my dad]. i'd like to say it was a great couple experience too [some times it was] but mostly it was stressful and quiet. still, i feel a bit of pride of a job well done. maybe that was justin's trick. getting me to help so i take care of the house better [like i said, i'm not detail oriented].

until next time!
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KinderTeach said...

Now if I could get Sailor over to help my house! And so many time I said twss

Kari said...

Oh man. Big projects like this are such a pain. but when it's yours it's so satisfying...when it's done. Good work!

Caitlin said...

Sounds like a terrible, but satisfying weekend!!! It looks really good!

Richmond Gordon said...

Painting is hard labour! That's what I have always said anyway. Fantastic job you have done there. The end result, I have to say, looks absolutely fantastic. Despite my best efforts, I can never get it looking as neat as you have here. Always good to have a project too!

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