Tuesday, May 10, 2016

turn off the boob tube & read: golden winter

last week i was in full lock down mode finishing "golden son", the third and final book in the red rising series by pierce brown. i typically get ebooks now through my kindle but this book was so new there wasn't an electronic version. and i just had to know how it ended! and it ended GOOD! it wrapped up loose ends, had surprises, and there was even a wedding and a baby. i like happy endings. i don't want to read or watch movies that have tragic endings. unless we're talking SVU- i'll all about olivia benson. a fantastic sci-fi series (first written about here)! i'd call it a more grown-up version of the hunger games.

speaking of ending a series, i just finished winter, the last in the lunar series by marissa meyer. so good! it's a sci-fi play off of fairy tales. it centers around cinder, a cybord [a human who has been reconstructed with robot parts due to disease/accidents] but goes through a ton of other fairy tale characters. wold & red, princess winter [snow white], evil stepmother, cress [rapunzel]. it's so great to see these characters in a different way and explore their stories with a modern twist.

check them out!

currently reading: a million suns
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KinderTeach said...

I've had a hold placed on the first book for over a month. I am loving the ebooks, but it seems like I'm mostly on hold!!

Kari said...

I just finished winter as well. I liked how she included all the different characters, it just felt SO long! Maybe I'm just too tired these days and getting through a book is amazing when I don't fall asleep. I was just at 400 pages and only halfway done?! Wrap it up, woman, is what I wanted to say. But I did like that series.

I'll have to give the other one a try!

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