Thursday, May 5, 2016

damn strait

i'd like to think i'm some sort of fancy pants but lets be honest, i am not. but my husband is. he even hangs his shorts up on hangers [true story]. sometimes that fancy pants-ness gets us in some really cool places [but keep in mind it goes both ways. do you know normal people eat afte 7pm?! that's jeoardy time! that's an hour until bedtime!]. one of those cool places was a suite at the new t-mobile arena to see george strait. and we had a BLAST!

*funny story- george was there for two nights and we got invited to go on friday night as well but i didn't want to go downtown two nights in a row to see the same show. still cool to get the offer*

since we had suite tickets which allowed us to stay on a lower, emptier level. we had to walk about fifty feet to get into the arena. that's unheard of! there was a separate entrance and workers at every turn. security was tight! to keep those common folks out you know. to get into our suite we had to scan our ticket and even had our own attendant. it was already stocked with drinks of all kinds and snacks but we ordered food as well. what we didn't realize is that there was a 6 item minimum for each item so $15 chicken fingers x 6 = $$$. and we got nachos too. there was a dessert cart that came by to give you whatever you wanted- which in my case was a disappointing chocolate cake. really reminded me of my hogwarts express days. the suite itself was pretty spacious and had three rows of benches. the arena itself is HUGE! the stage was in the center so the performers and audience members got the 360 degree experience. which wouldn't work for a beyonce but for a george, it worked. kasey musgraves opened. i knew two of her songs and while her outfit was on pointe, she wasn't much of an entertainer. george, on the other hand, had head nods for days! and man did he preform. 9:30-11:30/12. can you imagine? he's a grandpa!

*i'd like to take this minute to hate on the encore. we all know you're coming back out. do you really need to tease us with a 10 minute break while we clap and scream and whine because we want to go home but you still haven't preformed your #1 hit? really people. get on with it!

george strait had a TON of hits and i knew a lot of them but still, i was ready to go by 10. i had eaten my weight in fancy chicken nuggets and devoured the cake, despite it's less then stellar review. but justin said we had to stay. because it was a work thing. aagghhh! it really was a great night. and for only having to pay a babysitter, it all worked out.except the next day was DEATH! kids just don't understand letting mommy sleep in.
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KinderTeach said...

I'm still super jealous of your night out GS is amazing.

Caitlin said...

Oh my heck. This is just so awesome.

Kari said...

Oooo, so fancy. And that is expensive chicken! I also agree with the late dinner time, I don't know how people do it. I'm happy you were able to have fun night out with the hubby!

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