Wednesday, April 13, 2016

life lately: cuteness & calories

life lately has been full of calories and cuteness. first- the cuteness. my little griffin is becoming mobile and so much fun! he naps now for 2, maybe 3 times a day which is nice and predictable. he'll sit and play by himself for a good period of time and is just so chill. and happy. i love that little guy. we've had fun lately at the museum as my pass is about to expire. but all that fun is short lived for porter. poor guy does not feel the same way as griffin. he does not want to be a big boy on his big boy swing! for reals though, he tells me all the time that he's not a big boy, he's a baby. oy vey. oh look! griffin playing with his shadow. because he's the greatest little third child.
 you know i said something about calories? yeah, i was supposed to eat a ton of those conference weekend. and then i tried something different with my bacon and things took a dark turn. a very dark and crispy turn. my friend gave me a packet for conference that had the armor of god. my kids loved putting them on their teddy bears, who they proclaimed to be the roman soliders who guarded jesus' tomb. then made it. oh look, my poor crowded cinnamon rolls that didn't get baked on the inside. the calories that could have been.
life has been snuggly. my boys run so hot and cold with each other. and i just love it when they get along. porter adores his big brother and copies him verbatim. they never fall asleep together, let alone at the same time. and griffin, they can't get enough of him. i think he gets his fill though. speaking of calories, i made those smores rice krispy pinwheels off facebook. they were delicious but not at all as easy as the video makes them appear.
lately, life has been snuggly and sleepy. anytime i put griffin on the ground or especially on my tummy, the boys get in line for the mommy train. the other day at the gym porter figured out he could still climb on board the stroller and get a free ride. he was so proud of himself! it's hard to be little- sleep just overcomes you at any time. oh look! landon spelled out bear. not on his own- he's no genius but he sure is adorable.
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KinderTeach said...

This post is all over the place. Having some squirrel moments were ya? Buzz was very proud of Landon for spelling bear

Kari said...

Those are some cute boys and I'm jealous of your zen third child. And delicious food.

Caitlin said...

i just love your cute boys. and madalyn copies abby verbatim too, and its adorable.

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