Friday, April 8, 2016

the easter bunny pooped in our yard

did you know the easter bunny came and pooped in our yard? he did! how amazing is that? i was kind of sad to not have the typical mormon easter weekend- you know, a large family gathering, egg hunt, and dinner made by mom. because my mom abandoned me [if you're reading this mom, i hope you're feeling guilty right now]. 

my aunt graciously invited me and my boys to her easter egg hunt on saturday. we had a blast! it was everything i had been missing and then some. she sure knows how to throw a party! as landon told me 'aunt lori is more better then you mom'. the boys were beyond spoiled by their harrison grandparents and the easter bunny. which actually i know for a fact the easter bunny just recycled some eggs and candy they had recieved earlier. sneaky sneaky. he did also get griffin a new push car because our old hand-me-down sadly broke. he loves it! so do his brothers. 
at aunt lori's, porter had a great time hoarding baby eggs. we received some chalk eggs last year that they boys have obsessed with since we moved into our house. he loves collecting and building nests for 'the baby eggs' so he wasn't really interested in dying the hard boiled eggs. until he realized what happened then got his hands turned green. oh look! two mis-placed pictures. here griffin is getting ready to crawl and the two harrison boys playing with the green boys.
leading up to easter we celebrated st. patrick's day at the children's museum visiting daddy. his teacher's leprechaun was hilarious and set the bar pretty high for our leprechaun. ours hung fruit loop necklaces from the lights, turned our milk green, messed up our furniture, did some crazy stuff! oh look, here i am in my natural habitat of trying to eat breakfast while cradling two little babies. i know one day i'll be very happy they're all so close but right now it's just a lot. i feel like i'd love and appreciate snuggle moments more if they were more spaced apart. but you know what? i still love them a ton and try to soak in all the moments i can. like these two.

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KinderTeach said...

This Easter made me really miss our Easter last year. I miss my sisters and I missed the egg hunt. Plus Porterhouse hoarding all the chocolate and eggs. It was an awesome weekend and having moms party that weekend made it even better. I hope Awn can do justice to Moms birthday. Are you reading this Awn? Enjoy your kids baby sister and am looking forward to seeing you soon

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