Thursday, March 24, 2016

favorite things: spring in my step

spring starts early in vegas. well, spring is really spummer. because it gets hot. quick. today i turned on the a/c in my car so really, spring lasts a quick second here. either way i'm happy for warmer weather and more time outdoors. and i'm especially excited to get my pool water warm. bring it on summer! i've got a pool now! [watch, i only go a handful of times]. anywho that's for my summer list of favorite things. here are some of my favorite things about spring.

shows coming back from hiatus

where have you been goldburgs?! scandal! i've missed you mindy lahiri! i get that mid-season replacements need to have their time in the sun without the weight of shonda rhimes to compete with but i'm glad for these heavy weights. speaking of which- have you watched superstore? it's golden. the family and the o'neals are pretty great too.


one day i will have to pay taxes - ONE DAY - but until that day comes, i will enjoy my refund! and the endless dreams that come with it [not the reality of what we actually use it on].

chia seeds

you know ch-ch-ch-chia? as in the pet? yep those. i put them in my oatmeal, cream of wheat, muffins, peanut butter sandwiches, smoothies- anything i want. it's kind of gross when you soak them- they get slimey and soft. i tried a chocolate chia seed pudding and it was like eating snot. but still - they help me feel full longer. and that fiber has me going pretty regular [tmi- i know].

pandora's pop and hip hop power workout station

wow that's a mouthful. and a great station! they play a ton of pitbull and zumba type music which i LOVE! it's a great station to run to and keep me jammin' man.

seasonal decorating

i love decorating for the seasons! target, my go-to for decorations, has a great dollar [which is now really $3-5 dollar section] section. and plastic eggs are some cheap and adorable decorations! it just makes my home brighter and more festive.

waterproof picnic blankets

i tried one from target and was pretty disappointed. the print was super cute but size, not so much. i've since ordered one from amazon. the print is so/so but the size is ahmazzing. the park, t-ball practice, swimming at the rec center- we are going to get our use out of this picnic blanket and i can't wait!

bosch mixer

this is an old hand me down from my mom and i am starting to love it! i remember many a nights spent cleaning out that stupid bowl and i hated it for several years. and now i'm finding myself making bread weekly and mashing things and needing a heavy duty mixer. man i am old but i am happy!

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Kari said...

I love this post! That blanket looks amazing. I LOVE superstore. Seriously so good. And my dad still uses his bosch to make bread. Not sure about chia seeds, but I'll take your word for it.

Caitlin said...

I totally want that blanket!!and i neat to try chia seeds.

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