Wednesday, March 16, 2016

kid update: i am four, going on five

yearage: four and a half

poundage: 46

what landon can do: so much! he is very helpful and wonderful [most days]. he can buckle himself in the car, get himself dressed [mostly] and ready for school. he can make the most amazing lego creations and loves to write/draw now. i really like that. he will concentrate and work in his notebook pretty intensely. he is doing great on writing and identifying his letters and numbers. now he wants to learn and i love it! his preschool teacher is wonderful and he's excited to learn and go to kindergarten. we've got him in the lottery for two different charter schools but i'm totally cool with him going to a public school. he is totally into t-ball and that's been fun. he can't wait to go to practices. he's one of those kids that need a physical outlet. last week i went to the gym on days he went to school and he was so sad. "mom! i need to go to the gym and work out my muscle!" he is not really into his leap pad, more into netflix. favorite shows include inspector gadget, rescue bots, and super hero squad.

what landon loves: he loves playing with friends. he loves being outside and going and doing. he always asks "what are we doing tomorrow? where are we going?" he loves to learn and ask questions. i try to answer as truthfully and real as i can so he gets a lot of things that normal kids his age don't care/notice. and he remembers a lot too. he loves legos and playing restaurant. he loves to love on griffin and help me cook or help daddy outside. he is the classic older brother: smart, helpful and actually listens to me [as opposed to his brother]l. he loves sour patch kids and slurpees. he also loves a spiderman 'watch' [a wristband that plays music when pressed]. he wears it night and day- everywhere. and never plays the button.

what landon hates: he doesn't like staying at home or missing anything. he has a hard time controlling his temper. he doesn't like it when his brother messes things up. he is rough at times and doesn't like taking turns, which is all so normal for this age.

what we're working on: his temper [we have a chart where he gets a sticker chart]. writing his letters better. i feel like he's gotten a bit lazy as of late when it comes to his name. wiping his tushy. letters, numbers and writing. i need to start doing his chore chart again but it wasn't really a priority the last 6 months.

landon really is intelligent and active. the only thing i'm worried about with kindergarten is his emotional side. and i'm not quite ready to do full- day but honestly the thought of being one less kid all day sounds QUITE tempting.... he got accepted to my first choice charter school which i am thrilled about! he's going with his bestie which is another joy in our life. he is growing up and getting so big. i love this little boy so much!
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KinderTeach said...

Tell L that his teacher will NOT wipe his bum. Although I still have to unbutton a lot of pants! I draw the line with bottoms!!! And noses, make sure he can blow his own nose too

Kari said...

He's getting so big! And boy are you just doing a fabulous job as his mom!

Caitlin said...

He is just so sweet and smart! It's pretty crazy we are going to have some kindergarteners right? Happy half birthday Landon!

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