Tuesday, March 8, 2016

life lately: expensive taste

life lately has been sweet and sour- sweet suspenders on a sour boy. sour patch kids in the hands of a sour patch kid. sweet rolls on the counter and a sour brother being mean to his baby brother. i took the picture hoping it would be a cute brother/brother pic and instead i got sibling assault.
lately we've been spending a lot of time with our friends since daddy was out of town. we visited floyd lamb park to participate in their horses for heroes program. $5 let us go for a horse ride, jump in the bounce house and visit the petting zoo. pretty sweet. we then had a picnic lunch which consisted of porter screaming whenever a peacock got close. i love taking group pics of my boys with their friends because i know in 10/15 years, it'll be funny to see how different they are.
life has been joyous as grandma shell came to visit us for almost two whole weeks! can you imagine? it was so nice. landon would wake her up in the morning [not me] and she'd let me sleep in [7am! the glory!]. i had someone to watch my kids while i could do the things i enjoyed [baths! exercise! sleep!]. mom, you can come back any time you want. it's been silly times and sunny times as the weather warms up here in vegas. look at that selfie face- so delicious!
lately we said ado to t-ball...for a month. his t-ball coach is pretty fantastic and his wife took these pictures. which are fantastic as well. he gave a little speech about each player when they got their participation trophy [landon's pride and joy] and it melts your heart. he said landon is his strongest player because he can hit/throw/catch. that's my boy! and look, that's my boy scarfing down pizza. and my butt. thanks sam!
lastly, life has been expensive. trips to costco [i took a pic in the bathroom because it was griffin's first time in a cart- lasted 10 min], dentist visits which left half of my face not working, and new baby car seats because the middle child thought it would be fun to ruin the old one. thanks porter. these boys are worth it though. best money i've ever spent.

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KinderTeach said...

You are a good momma. Especially to that sour patch kid! I'm sure Mom wishes she was back there too.

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