Sunday, March 6, 2016

good eats: mel's favorite mousse

here it is folks- my favorite dessert of all time! i only get it once a year on my birthday. *fun fact- the one time i made it myself, i totally biffed it and didn't get it to set up right. that was my 21st birthday* it came from an old bishop of mine in a ward cookbook. it's very chocolaty- so much so, that many can't finish it. i call those people quiters.

my mom was gone for my birthday so i didn't get it in november. then when she did come to town in january, i was doing my diet bet and couldn't risk the calories. then she came into town in february and i just couldn't resist anymore. my favorite thing about this is how well it freezes. i actually prefer it frozen and thawed out for a few minutes. then i can piece it out and make it last for a few weeks....ok days. i'm really trying to preserve my memories with my mom so this was a fun night cooking together. i made her take pictures and she hated it but i loved it.
mel's favorite mousse

put in a spring form pan then freeze
3 cups crushed oreos
1/2 cup melted butter
mix together, pat down at the bottom of the pan and return to freezer.

1 lb of semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 whole eggs
separate 4 egg yolks/whites
2 cups whipping cream
12 Tb powder sugar (6 with egg whites, 6 with the cream)
melt the chocolate chips. add whole eggs and the egg yolks from the separated eggs. whip the cream and powdered sugar together and set aside. whip egg whites until stiff and add a little bit of each until they are combined. be careful and do this quickly. the mix of hot/cold can make the chocolate harden in balls (not good).  pour into the pan and refrigerate for 8 hours. serve with whipping cream.

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KinderTeach said...

Did you ever find out who stole a piece? I still think you did it in your sleep. Although I wouldn't put it past Porterhouse to sneak some. 😉

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