Wednesday, October 7, 2015

kid update: my favorite child [as of today]


age: 4

poundage: 37

what landon loves: legos! he is not one to sit and play by himself for extended periods of time but with legos, he will do exactly that. he has a very vivid imagination and is seriously so much fun. i just love spending my time with him- he talks non-stop in the car and will ask the most intense questions. he sees and remembers it all. "mom, why did heavenly father want jesus to die?" he loves his brothers [griffin the most because he's not a threat yet to his stuff]. he loves friends probaly more then he loves legos. he loves to run, jump, wrestle, play ball- anything physical. he loves books, specifically lego or superhero books. he loves being helpful.

what landon hates: not biting, hiting, or fighting. finishing dinner on his own. napping, but he really needs to do it everyday.

what landon eats: he loves mcdonalds but i think that's more for the play place and friends there. he loves gogurt, apples, apple juice, apple sauce, treats [of course], most junk food. he loves peanut butter sandwiches with sprinkles, costco hot dogs and lemonade. he is a really good eater and even enjoys most vegetables.

what landon can do: he loves riding his bike and only has trouble going up on hills/inclines. he can get dressed by himself and [somewhat] brush his teeth. we're working on wiping his tushie on his own. he can write his name with some prompting. he knows his address and phone number. we are constantly working on letters and numbers.

what we're working on: counting 11-20. he's gets a bit rough around 13-18. writing his last name. recognizing all the letters in the alphabet. recognizing numbers. sharing. wiping his own butt. sharing. not fighting.

what we're looking forward to: halloween where he'll be the cutest ninja in the world.

my favorite things about him: i feel so thankful to have such a helpful little boy. he loves helping me out, especially when it comes to his little brothers. he'll gladly grab diapers or pick up after them. he is so sweet and caring. i love how excited he is about life and how much he loves people. he has a great imagination and is so funny. i love talking to him and hearing his point of view on life. he was so hard as a baby and toddler but very delightful and fun as a kid. how did i get so lucky?
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KinderTeach said...

You do have a very special boy there in your family. I didn't get to spend a huge amount of time with him this trip but building Legos, while he tells me to get rid of that baby and being the thing that he and Ayden hunted was a big highlight of that trip. You are very lucky to have this delightful little boy in your family.

Kari said...

What a cute, smart, little boy! It's so fun to see them grow and learn and mature.

Caitlin said...

Happy 4th year of life Landon!! Abby has a hard time with 11-20 too. For some reason, she can't remember 16, and if I help her then its all downhill from there. He is such a sweet and adorable little boy!!

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