Saturday, October 10, 2015

birthday & blessings, oh my!

are you sick of landon's birthday pictures yet? i can't help it- i just have so much fun celebrating my baby's birthday. i cannot believe he is four- seriously, i just love this guy so much. on his actual birthday we went to gravady, an indoor trampoline place. they have half-price toddler time in the morning so we met up with some friends there and had a blast. it was the first time i got to jump and man did i get a workout!
after gravady we had a bunch of friends come over for cupcakes and fun. we had a great time! the weekend before his birthday we celebrated landon & ayden's birthday and griffin's blessing. all of my siblings came into town. getting all 6 of us together is no easy feat- yet we didn't even get a picture all together.
grandpa dave rented a bounce house for the kids which was a huge hit- it had a slide, basketball hoop, punching bags. it was so much fun! we also swam and ate our favorite pizza- costco!
saturday night we had a family meeting with siblings only which was boring but i got a classic mel foot rub out of mom so that wasn't too bad.
not only did all my siblings come into town but also aunt lynsey & uncle skyler. and the biggest surprise of all, my aunts suzie & gretchen surprised me and came to visit from arizona. i felt so blessed! and landon felt especially loved.
 this boy, he deserves to be spoiled. he is amazing and i love him so much. happy birthday little man!

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KinderTeach said...

It was a fun birthday and the reason for the picture with Awn and A is all about the shoes. Awn called A's shoes, stripper shoes. I am very glad all 6 kids were together. It doesn't happen anymore unless someone has died. Makes me sad.

Caitlin said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! I'm glad you were able to celebrate your boys so much. They are so blessed to have a mom like you. I truly do look up to how you mother!!

PS, did you ever get the card Abby sent Landon?

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