Wednesday, October 14, 2015

turn off the boob tube & read + fall tv preview

i haven't posted about what i've been reading lately- because i've been watching too much tv. which is why i've combined this post. i still read almost every night when i take my bath but my time in the tub has been significantly reduced because having three kids is exhausting and time consuming. plus i just want to sleep or have time with my husband whose gone all the time. my first go-to for reading is my entertainment weekly. aside from that i just finished across the universe by beth revis. i got the book from one of those list that list the best YA fiction novels.

it takes place on a spaceship named godspeed. it follows a 17 year old girl named amy who was frozen on earth along with her parents. they were important personnel who were going to travel for hundreds of years to a new planet because earth was slowly dying. amy was woken up early by some unknown person. it follows the relationship of amy & the future leader of the ship, elder. they fight to uncover the mystery person who is unfreezing [and killing] the frozen people. it's a triology so i am excited to finish the other two. it's a very interesting concept- the world on the ship and what they think of earth is unique. not a must read but a good one none the less.

i also read the fourth selection novel by kiera cass. it follows eadlyn, the daughter of maxon and america. the country is upset and they restart the selection as a publicity stunt. eadyln is the next in line for the throne and is only doing it to get her parents off her back but as she gets the know the men that are chasing her, she starts to soften. the story didn't conclude so i have no idea how many more books will continue her story but i can't wa
it. these are a favorite of mine.

now onto the tv! man i love fall tv and this year is no exception. my #1 pick is....

quantico - set at an fbi training facility, it follows a class of recruits. it flashes back between their training and a bombing set in the future where the main girl from the training class [don't care enough to google her name] is the prime suspect of the bombing. it's pretty intriguing, despite the slightly offensive first episode that features a returned missionary in his garments. seriously, so good.

scream queens - i wasn't too excited for this show. i was afraid it would be another glee [that it sure isn't] because it's by ryan murphy and has lea michele. i wouldn't say i love it but it sure is a guilt pleasure. it's like a modern tv version of heathers. it's deliciously terrible in the best way possible. i read that it's going to be more like american horror story- with a new location and story each year. it's about a sorority in the south that is being hunted down and killed by 'the red devil'. it's a horror show that is funny and terrible. really, i wouldn't suggest it for most people.

fresh off the boat- technically this isn't a new show but new to me. it's in it's second season and a pretty good filler show while you wait for your good shows to come on. it's a funny comedy set in the 90's following an asian american family in florida. the mom is hilarious!

blood & oil- i feel like this is the new revenge. set in a small oil town, it follows a young couple [chase crawford, eat your heart out] as they pursue that american dream for moneymoneymoney. they get involved with this giant oil tycoon who has recently kicked his son out of the business. a fantastic night soap.

heroes reborn - i loved the first heroes and it's just not quite the same without peter petrelli and the cheerleader. still good... i guess. i'm not hooked yet with the characters. i still feel like they didn't give heroes the full number of seasons they deserve.

longmire - again, not a new show but new to us. we started watching it on netflix. it was cancelled then renewed by netflix and just released a new season. the new season is kinda...meh. the old ones are amazing and worth a gander.

the mindy project - same here. this is my favorite show by far and it's a little bit flatter now it's on hulu. it's a little bit more risque which i normally love but it's hard to keep the same momentum when mindy becomes a mom.

blindspot - this new show is intriguing but hasn't quite got my goat yet. a girl is found naked and tattooed in the middle of times square. her tattoos are a treasure map for the fbi to follow to stop crimes. it's got an overarching story that i'm not quite sold on yet but i haven't given up on it yet.

other favorite shows that are returning: empire, modern family, blackish, nashville, greys, HTGAWM, scandal, black list, once upon a time, brooklyn 9-9, new girl, madam secretary, the good wife, manhattan, the big bang theory, and downton abby.
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Caitlin said...

Another book I need to add to my que. So many books I need to read, and little time to do it. Although, lets be honest, I could spend less time perusing facebook and be reading instead. Also, I haven't heard of most these shows. I'm so out of the loop. I hardly ever watch tv...its always Netflix or catching up on Hulu. Right now I'm staying up with Blacklist, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and watching Greys on Netflix. Oh and cant forget about Dragon Tales, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and George.

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