Friday, October 2, 2015

life lately: life as it was a month ago

life lately has been full of joy. landon's joy as mom has really stepped up her homework game. mommy's joy in eating a whole chocolate cake by myself. joy and a little bit of remorse. joy in seeing my boys adore their baby brother. too bad griffin couldn't share in our joy- those clogged eye ducts are the pits. luckily he had some mr. chicken and some scriptures to keep him company.
lately we've had a lot of silliness going around too. look at porter all wrapped up, burrito style. dad's just have a unique way of playing that mom's can't begin to match. as you can see, landon has inherited that silliness. it's been feeling loved and missed by my 7-11 family. seriously, i got this email two weeks after griffin was born. two weeks of not getting slurpees and they go insane. granted, i had several in that week, just none with my app. aren't my boys the cutest? they are constantly fighting to hold griffin and whenever the three of them huddle together, they ask me to take a picture. i know there's something wrong there but i just love the pictures i'm getting!
lately we've had a abundance of love. full sized slurpees from grandpa dave. love for ketchup, a trait i've obviously passed down to my children. he was literally licking the stuff off his high chair. love from our friends as they bring dinner and stay to play. we truly are blessed.
look at my three musketeers. the new seating arraignment has been an adjustment. porter is constantly kicking landon, who then takes retaliation. landon does love helping and caring for griffin. griffin himself had some hardships recently- when he lost some bit of his manhood. porter has been completely in love with some flart his favorite aunt sent in the mail. my favorite husband has been loving on me as he surprised me with window tinting. and poor griffin, wearing all these hand me downs. i love seeing my boys and reliving the memories.
life has been joyous. porter loves to be apart of the whole nursing process. you know, by hitting griffin in the head or trying to climb on top of me or screaming for treats. it's been visiting our favorite boys at my favorite place to hang. it's been dressing up and being silly then having some nice quiet time with my scriptures and baby bear.
lastly, life has been my mom sending me her first selfie- a snuggly pooh bear while i was in the hospital. it's been playing legos and soaking up our grandma shell time. it's been a little boy sleep walking to his new baby's room and sleeping upright on the chair. life is great.

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Caitlin said...

You are a supermom!! You're making it so three doesn't seem so daunting. And you will have to teach me your mom to boys tricks. I just think your three boys are the most handsome boys of all the boys.

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