Sunday, July 26, 2015

pregnancy update: the end is near

weekage: 36
i know, a terrible pic. i just cannot even
get dressed these days, let alone
stage a cute picture. or make a cute
non-doubled chin face.

poundage: 30 - i don't feel bad about this. i feel pretty good actually! this is the least i've ever gained with my kids! granted, i've got a month left so who knows what could happen.

name we're considering: justin likes griffin.... as in -dor. or stewie. i am not a fan. he still is rooting for lincoln but i don't want another L name. poor baby is going to come out nameless! and we've been so busy with the moves that we don't really talk about it at all.

what i'm eating: everything with a side of slurpee. for serious, it's gotten bad this time. i just handle stress with slurpees so i've gotten my fair share during the week. starting at our new house, i'm going to cut down to two a week. then post baby one a week [and start ww again]. and no soda. i am not looking forward to that diet again! no specific cravings- even cafe rio salad doesn't sound appetizing. just sweets.

with porter
what i'm doing: a lot! my dr keeps telling me to chill it out but who can do that with 2 moves and 2 boys?! we go to the gym maybe 2-3x a week still. i've been doing 30 min of zumba [well, i stand in one place and do the arm movements] or resistance training then stretch for 15-20. nothing intense. that stretching is my favorite part of the day. i've been packing boxes for days and that wears on my body pretty quickly but it's gotta get done. thankfully that's all i'm doing. i'm having some YW come clean my house and justin is doing all the moving. we still go out and about every day - something that will be hard to adjust when the new baby comes. bending or doing anything from the waist down is pretty strenuous. porter is a whopping 27lbs and wants to be held and snuggled all the time. i need to get him in the routine that i have to be sitting for him to get his snuggles in, esp post-op. thank the lord i am still taking an hour nap or so most afternoons. sleep is terribly uncomfortable and i've got the pregnancy insomnia so i need some shut eye mid-day. afternoons are the worst for contractions and by bedtime, i am beat. i'm puffy in my legs but i don't think as much in my face as i was with porter. heart burn h
as been less severe then with porter but contractions are worse.

how i'm feeling: terrible. giant. the first pregnancy was so fun and magic
with landon - and elder boyfriend in the background
al- i could do it all the time! the second one was a bit more uncomfortable. and this one is just the worst. i was talking to my single friend about this and she said '....and you want to do this one more time??'. i said of course. it's only horrible for the pregnancy... well then the post-op...and newborn no sleeping phase. so really 18 months. that's not too bad right? mothers. we are a crazy breed. my back hurts, my feet are puffy, i have no energy, old ladies outpace me at target, and if there's anything dropped on the ground, i'd rather die then pick it up.

what i'm looking forward to: being able to nest! we move in the next week so i'm excited to unpack things, wash things, and just get started on preparing for my little boy. i need to see a new-newborn so i can get that excited feeling because right now i just feel exhausted and sore. i'm also getting a massage this week which will be fantastic! my back pain is at an all-time high- the chiropractor, stretching and justin's rubbing can't touch it so i'm hoping a good massage can do wonders.
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KinderTeach said...

You are Wonder Woman. Tell Sailor I'm more important and you are more important than boyfriend so suck it up and let me use the miles! Next June we shall have to plan me coming down and watching all 3 while you and Sailor leave. Charley and I will have fun watching the three hooligans.

Caitlin said...

You are a superwoman for doing all you are doing at 36 weeks pregnant. You remind me that at 15 weeks along, I can do more. Especially the fact you are still going to the gym so often is amazing and inspiring. You're going to have to send me some resistence workouts you do so I can mix it up and still get toned!

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