Wednesday, July 22, 2015

life lately: the 3N's

life lately has been the calm before the storm. landon all of a sudden loves his stuffed animals and needs to sleep with them every night. this particular set up made me giggle. it's been porter pie sneaking food because he is constantly hungry- boys! it's been enjoying the library's story time [a first for pooh bear] and realizing just how many weapons we have. even when i take this swords and guns away, landon still manages to make a hammer or stick into a gun.
life has been joyful as my arch-nemesis stopped in vegas on her way to utah. landon just adores nick and noah- and i can't get enough of sweet natalie! i wish our family lived closer. we loved swimming at my aunt's and visiting the children's museum. anna was even brave enough to take all the kids [minus p] into the wind tunnel!
lately, i've been letting the boys get away with murder because
a- we're moving and need some space
b- i physically cannot stop them
c- i just don't care anymore
boxes have been abundant in our home so i took a pinterest turn and let the boys color it. too bad p liked eating the crayons more then coloring with them. i love seeing my boys play and have fun with each other- because the screaming and hitting is all too often. so i let them climb in the changing table, but i do draw the line at letting them lock the other in. luckily the sweet moments come often enough- like landon reading porter's favorite book to him or giving his first talk in primary. [videos to come to landon's blog soon].
lately we've been enjoying the finer things in life: shaving cream sensory play in bathtub, popcorn at the theatre, running around naked and pretend play at the museum. there are just some days where i really enjoy being a mom and giving my kids new experiences. then there are others days when i want to lock them in a closet and binge eat an entire chocolate cake.
lastly, life has been selfies with my favorite little girl [and nick] then capturing a picture perfect moment with my fellas on the 4th of july. it's been getting this new baby's one and only gift [poor third child]- a fancy metal car piggy bank from rodeo drive. for reals. very thoughtful but obviously from someone with no kids in their life. and life has been blessed as i look at what heavenly father gave me.

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Caitlin said...

I just love Porters face with the shaving cream. And I love your family and can't wait to see the new house and the new baby!!

Kari said...

I'd say you're doing tons with your kids and I'm sure your exhausted with all that involves moving. I hope that everything goes well and that you're able to keep up with everything and get rest too!

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