Tuesday, July 28, 2015

life lately: slurpee heaven & no cares

life lately has been roaring. dinosaurs at the museum make fore some fun play time! they even had a cool booth to take our picture- much better then any selfie i cold have taken. but with all this dinosaur play, some of them took it more serious then others. landon has taught porter to bite when he feels an injustice has taken place so one night he bite landon on the back- pretty hard too!
 lately we've had some beautiful things come out of our garden- look at this artichoke plant! sadly we had to move before anything could come of it but it sure looked good. it's been porter finally embracing his impending big brotherhood and being sweet to a baby doll. life has been a field trip to the dairy farm, complete with ice cream at the end. and lately, porter's been having a diva moment.
life was joyous as we celebrated 7-11 day! i don't know why but i always end up alone on this holiday and wrangling two rambunctious boys into a crowded little story while one is 8 months pregnant is no fun at all but so worth it. porter especially appreciate getting his very own for a change! usually when i get a slurpee with landon, porter gets fruit snacks and thinks he's living the good life. oh so much he has to learn...
lately, there's been a whole lot of 'not caring' coming from my end. not caring when porter screams for food [especially after he refused to eat dinner]. not caring if my kid's brains rot from too much tv. not caring when porter throws away remotes or when my boys race around the house at high speeds in their construction truck.
 and lastly, this is how i've been feeling lately.

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KinderTeach said...

Porterhouse is going to turn into a great big brother. L will teach Porterhouse and Marshmallow bad/fun things to do and Porterhouse will teach Marshmallow how to be kind. I love you, you can do hard things, you've always been stronger than you thought you could be.

Caitlin said...

You need a selfie stick, like me, so you can take good selfies. Sure do I look like a old lady trying to be a teenager? Yes. Does my 15 year old neice take it from me and takes tons of selfies? yes. But hey, I get some great family shots. :)

I wish I could have been around to take your kids while you packed and moved. You are a super woman!

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