Friday, July 3, 2015

indoor camping with friends

i'm really trying hard to step up my mom game. i feel like i am constantly ignoring my kids to do chores or finish some phone calls or whatnot. so i made a plan to do at least one pinterest craft/activity a week. i write my ideas down on my calendar then when a day hits a lull, we do the activity. i'm also trying to do this thing with some friends called mommy's day out. basically i watch their kids all morning while they get some things done and then we switch [because my friends have been great about watching my kids for my many appointments]. anywho i found this camping activity on pinterest and knew it was not an activity to do alone.

tanner & kellan are our best friends and we always have a great time with them. to set the stage, we first 'drove' to the mountains by playing out front in our cars/wagons. once we came inside, we huddled in our tent set up in the front room, ate a snack and read 'curious george goes camping'. then we painted our park ranger jackets and made binoculars from toilet paper. after that we read a book about fishing then went magnet fishing in our little pool [i wish we could have done it outside but temperatures are too hot these days]. next we went on a treasure hunt outside [again, cut short because of the temp] and made a pizza. after a fun picnic lunch in our tent, our day of fun was done.

as i was reading the books to these boys and telling them stories/playing pretend, i saw their eyes light up and excitement grow. i loved seeing how happy it made them and how invested they got. i need to do better job at being a more fun mom, especially since in a few months i'll be at an al time low. 
*the mcd play area pic got accidently grouped in here*

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KinderTeach said...

That's an awesome activity. You are a great mom.

Caitlin said...

This is such a cute and fun idea!! I need to really step up my mom game!!

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