Wednesday, July 8, 2015

life lately: jumping for joy with grandma shell

life lately has been frustrating and fun at the same time. one day we spent a fun day at the park then thought taco bell would be fun for lunch. then we took the kids there and then sudden and complete chaos. i love having boys and people often tell me i pay the price of boys now and girls pay the price later when they're teenagers. i sure hope that's right! i mean just look at my poor broken flower! guilt written all over porter's face. life has been full of love as i see some of my favorite boys reading the scriptures or when they nicely eat some snacks together.
lately we've been exhausting ourselves having fun. poolside at the ymca [with porter's grandpa pants and all- poor guy and his too big hand me downs]. i love how little kids can take ordinary objects and make them into things that are extraordinary- like a fun basket boat! the greatest sound a mother can hear is that of her kids laughing and playing together. we've had a great time going to lowe's superhero workshop and learning how to wield a cross bow like a pro. so great of a time that porter just can't make it through lunch most days.
life has been fantastic as we spent a fun filled day with our grandma shell. she watched the kids while i went to a baby dr appointment then we visited a trampoline place. the boys just love it there- even porter got so excited to just walk around and watch everyone. and as luck would find it, i found my mom a diet coke with her name on it! well, almost her name. an o had to be turned to an a but it still works. lately, we've been boxing and packing our stuff. and by stuff i mean my children- wouldn't that just make some things easier? it's been celebrating father's day a week early since daddy had to go out of town on the actual holiday. how handsome are their ties? i mourn the fact that i don't have daughters to dress up with but seeing these three matching makes my heart soar. and we got several compliments are church too. and look how great landon did on writing his name! please do not get any ideas about my kid being a genius- it took a lot of coaching and erasing/re-writing to get that.
like i said, we spent a great time hanging out with our grandma shell at an indoor trampoline place. nothing quite gets a little boy tired like spending an hour going crazy. he was very proud of himself for climbing up that slope! i wish grandma shell still lived here- we miss her something awful. until next time!

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KinderTeach said...

Every time we pass a coke, T has to tell me that you found a Rochelle and turned it into a Rachelle with a sharpie. I wished you lived closer so I could be apart of all these fun adventures. L should be very proud of his name. It often takes me weeks to get some kids to write their name that well.

Caitlin said...

That trampoline place looks like so much fun! I should take my girls to one. We are in desperate need of more fun activities.

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