Tuesday, June 30, 2015

life lately: tree teepees and summer's bounty

life latey has been joyous. porter got an owie on his foot and thought it was hilarious when i kissed it so we spent a good 5 minutes just kissing toes. it's been a happy little boy who just wants to grow up - and honestly i will let him. i feel bad bc i savored landon's toddlerhood more but a big boy would be more helpful when the new baby comes. and it's been swimming poolside with our mema. i love swimming! thankfully my kids haven't interfered too much with that. i don't know how i'll do that with three kids so i'll just enjoy two right now.
life has been blossoming! i've mentioned how my garden has become a forest- and it's insane! i absolutely love my flowers, even though porter broke one stem. nothing some straws and tape couldn't fix! we've had over 30lbs of tomatoes and there's still more in sight. sadly nothing else has sprouted- not even zucchini or cucumbers! i think the tomatoes just overtook everything. sadly some bugs for our artichoke and i just am too lazy to go out in the hot sun to buy fertilizer to get rid of them. i don't like artichokes anyways.
lately, we've been spending as much time outdoors as we can. now that temperatures are over 110, that's not going to happen but a cold front two weeks ago thankfully let us go outside. and by cold front i mean temperatures at only 99. we love playing in the water and our sand box. and slurpees, man do we love slurpees. [excuse porter's face- he had just spilled on his pants]. it's been my tomatoes giving birth to their own little tomatoes and a little pirate porter who just wants to come and help mommy in the garden.
a few weeks ago we visited the children's museum with our besties. we usually have an ok time but this visit was amazing! we went the last week of school so there were no field trips and the people were sparse. the real hit was the new exhibit- dinosaurs! landon is not really a big of dinosaurs  but this hands on exhibit was really well done. perfect for little boys running around.
life with boys is always interesting. porter pie finally fits in his rebel slippers which look an awful lot like santa shoes. either way, i'm a fan. i am trying to do a fun craft each week to step up my fun-mom game [because my lame-tired-angry-mom game has been a bit strong]. this was a jello sensory activity where i put fun toys in it. i thought porter would love it, especially since he willingly eats dirt and bugs but jello seems to out of his range. i've also tried putting porter on a one nap a day schedule and it's been an interesting transition- granted, an easier transition then landon had [holy night terrors!]. i'll take some whining/crying over that any day. oh and my boys are adorable little monsters and i love them lots. look at landon taking a hand in the whole planking craze- way to be a few years late landon.
lastly, life has been full of happiness and daddy love. one day we went on a fun trip to mount charleston. we saw the new visitor's center and had a fun picnic lunch. it was on a paved path so we could easily take a stroller but it was an uphill hike so i got plenty of a workout. i am so happy he is back- he is my center.

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KinderTeach said...

I love your boys too and I've yet to see you post in the 7-11 room with all these slurpees

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