Sunday, June 7, 2015

turn off the boob tube & read: zombie apocolypse!

so i am not one for zombies. like at all. but my neighbor suggested this book series very highly and we seem to have the same taste so i gave it a go. i'm glad i did but man has it scared me a bit. i've read several dystopian books and all of them, including this one, have me terrified i am not up to snuff on my survival instincts. i was forced to go to girl's camp and learned nothing. katniss wasn't cool in my days. i know how to shoot a gun but i'm no angelina jolie. recently we've gotten into gardening and canning but i am still pretty new/unsure. so in case of trouble, do not come to me. i will most likely be dead in case of an apocalypse.

until the end of the world (the first book in the series), by sarah lyons fleming, follows cassie, a new york city girl and her friends as they survive a deadly virus that changes people into zombies. her parents were hard core survivalists who taught her a lot [and died before the book starts]. she broke up with her long term boyfriend/fiancee after her parents die and is dating peter when the book opens. the virus is sort of a rumor that cassie doesn't believe but after a call from her brother, she leaves town with several of her friends and head towards her parents house in upstate new york. the book series follows cassie as she makes and loses friends- and travels trying to outlive the zombie apocalypse.

the book is a three part series [with one novella]. i almost never buy books but the first one was a $1- and the prices steadily rose up from there. i got all 3 for around $10, quite a bit for me- an avid library user- but i'm glad i read them. there's some language but i guess that happens in adult books. i'm not one for gore but that survival instinct is addicting. i didn't devour this book like i have others but it's definitely addicting! now just to soothe myself back to sleep after those nightmares...
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