Friday, June 19, 2015

life lately: teeth, temple, and treats

life lately has been full of curiosity and treats. my little pooh bear has learned to climb and is making my life much harder! he especially loves to climb on top of our kitchen table and play with the light fixture or knock over some glass. you know, fun stuff for a 16 month old. it's been enjoying disneyland treats [landon insisted that daddy wanted a darth vadar cookie- with delicious black frosting] and recreating my favorite treat from there. seriously now that i am looking at this picture, i might just make some tomorrow because you know, you're only pregnant three times.
it's been enjoying the spoils of summer: playing outside and the new helmets that come with learning how to ride a bike [that's a helmet fit for an 8 year old mind you], my ever growing nephew [look at those beanstalk legs], and naked little tushies. seriously the cutest little pudger. summer means slurpees and more importantly, happy  moment with my sweet little babies.
lately, i've been loving the time with my fellas. i am so happy justin is back i even tried to take a selfie with him. he was not quite so interested. landon is glad his dad is back too but has become more attached to me and asks to nap with me everyday. lucky for him, i nap everyday. gotta soak in those zzzz's before the baby comes! but when i'm not sleeping, i'm probably baking. these butterscotch white chocolate cookies were divine! and picture perfect, if i do say so myself.
luckily, summertime brings happiness. like playing with landon's bf dillon [our 8 yr old neighbor] in our backyard. or oreo smores & pb cups [i devoured both by myself. don't worry, i feel the shame]. but it hasn't all been calories and laughs- there's also the first sunburn of the season [why do i always forget my back!] and don't forget the teething baby. he just crawled back behind the rocking chair to hide until he felt better.
porter got his first taste [literally] of play dough and surprisingly ate it less then he eats crayons. so watch out nursery! summer also means happy boys [because they tend to be naked more and get more popsicles]. porter likes to 'hide' behind the curtains and it is adorable how much joy he gets from doing the same thing over and over again. summer meant the end of the school as we said goodbye to landon's first prek teacher ms. alex. summer also means fishing time! landon has been obsessed with going fishing [thanks wild kratts] so we have to visit the aisle every time we go to walmart. luckily his dad took him a few weeks later [he got an iron man pole, in case you were at the end of your seat wondering]. he had a great time catching no fish.
lastly, life has been hard. for me and porter at least. with his premolars causing his fevers and pains, he has a rough couple days. that didn't stop him from skipping a few naps [which is ironic bc he's the smiling one in the pic and landon who did nap looks grumpy]. it's also been a bit rough for me. thankfully one night i hired a babysitter and just got some me time. a trip to the temple and some cheesecake factory cake is just what the baby ordered.

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Caitlin said...

Poor Porter and his teeth!! That picture of him behind the couch is so cute and so sad. And now I want all the treats on here you posted...particularly the rice crispy treat. Yum!

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