Monday, June 22, 2015

favorite things: summer

holy smokes, is it summer already? i was complaining to a neighbor about the upcoming 90 degree weather and he said, "well, it is almost june". and it is! seriously, how did that happen? and then before you know it, summer will be ending and i'll have a baby and lose my mind. seriously, i am anticipating the apocalypse come august 16 so prepare people. here are some of the things i've been loving on.

disneyland rice krispies
for reals, i ate one every single day while i was there [along with a whole bunch of others treats. i had to have the disneyland experience people!] and these are still my favorite. they're just more gooey then normal ones but i have finally perfected the at-home rice krispies that rival dlands. basically you melt 1/4 cup of butter to one bag of mini marshmallows and melt so it's still quite lumpy. then add half a box of rice krispies. top with melted chocolate and sprinkles [or mini m&ms like dland]. yum yum!

smoothies & bagels
speaking of being a big fatty, i am really not looking forward to going on ww against post-baby. until then i will love my carbs. sam's has these fruit packs you just add apple juice to and they make some yummy smoothies. couple that with an einstein bagel courtesy of costco [i freeze mine then thaw one at a time] and some real butter... oink oink!
*anyone else notice my favorite things almost always include food?*

lula roe tunic tops
a year ago a friend of mine introduced me to this company. their clothes are a little more expensive then you find in a store but cuter and fit better. i have the hardest time finding dresses and skirts- granted, i only look at kohls, target, and maybe ross. seriously i hate shopping. their skirts are super comfortable [and stretchy] and the tunic tops are perfect for this giant belly of mine. i have to wear my leggings under my belly and the tops actually cover all of me. i prob won't love them after i give birth but right now they are killing it.
this is not a pic of a picnic lunch but of a jello sensory thing we did [fail]-
but it's good outdoors so same thing right?
park picnics
i remember growing up how much i loathed homemade sandwiches. and packed lunches. i wanted more then anything to have a mother that fed me cold cereal in the mornings, hot lunch at school, and gave me money for cheese fries from the snack bar. alas, i got hot breakfast made with love each morning along with homemade lunches which sometimes contained hidden coins in the sandwiches. it was terrible. having kids has helped me rediscover and love packed lunches. it's so fun to go to the park, play [well, i sit and yell from a distance], and eat. granted, the kids hardly eat but it's still so simple and fun. plus i love pb&j.
the beast - it has already doubled in size from this!
my garden
we had a lesson at church a while ago and the teacher made a remark about how i had all the secrets to gardening because ours does so well for vegas. i was very relieved when she didn't ask for our secret because the truth is, it's just dumb luck! our garden has become a forest overnight and i have no real explanations. it's a raised bed filled with good soil [none of this stuff from our ground]. we water it several times a day, it gets lots of shade and we have a cover. oh and justin sometimes sprays miracle grow stuff on it. otherwise i can't explain it! i wish justin didn't grow so many tomatoes- really, we don't even like tomatoes. but it's fun for us to see what grows and delicious to eat. i'm reading this zombie book [i know, zombies right? it came highly recommended by my neighbor. it's actually pretty good but very scary for me because i'm terrified of the end of the world kind of scenarios] where the people have to garden and rely on making their own food to survive. i often think i would be one of the first to die. i am not cut out for those young adult dyotopian universes!
*the book is called 'until the end of the world' and is $1 on amazon*

my hunky sailor
i realize i have it a lot better then most people. i talk to some moms about our situation and they sympathize because their husbands are gone mon-fri every week! could you imagine? i would not have children! i went up to carson for the past two sessions and this is the first we've spent apart. i remember the first time, my then-employer told me i should stay in vegas [we didn't even have kids] but i refused because being physically apart does a work on your marriage. there's something to be said about just seeing each other's faces every day, daily kisses & prayers, and communicating at night. justin and i are not phone talkers so we'd average 2 minutes a day for us and 2 minutes a day for the kids to talk to him. not ideal. now that session is over, i am sure loving on him! i told justin i feel like one of my trials is to learn how to wait on him- i waited for him to love me, i waited for him to prepare and then go on a mission, i waited for him after he broke my heart and then i waited for him to pop the question. you'd think i'd learn patience by now but no. this was another time i had to wait for him. one day i'll get my revenge and he'll have to wait for me in heaven- because i will for sure live longer then him. so this summer, despite his many business trips that will take him out of town and then many late night meetings in town, will cherish my sweet husband.

suave tanning lotion
i have really embraced old age and have learned to love my paleness. i use sunscreen liberally on myself and my little ducklings, yet i do not love pasty calves! this suave lotion is super cheap and does a good enough job. i'm not fancy makeup blogger but i love it still the same.

aladdin water bottle
the other night as i waddled over to the couch with my giant mug of ice water, justin commented that he knew nobody in the world who drank as much water as i did. fo reals, i drink a ton. all day long. i grew up with a mother who constantly carried a giant thermos and all my family does as well. when you grow up in vegas, you just learn to keep yourself hydrated! i have tried many water bottles and i am not gentle on them. this is by far my favorite one! i love the screw top because i often throw my bottles in my purse and sometimes the push to open kind will open in my purse! i love how the top part opens up to put ice in, because i HATE the taste of those built in cooler things some have. i love that it's plastic aka durable. and it was less then $10 at walmart [more then that at target]. the only downside is that it's not insulated but seeing as how i'm usually home within 3 hours and even at that, it hasn't been that much of an issue for me.

and this post wouldn't be complete without a message from landon so here you go. enjoy the summer folks!
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KinderTeach said...

You'll have to make some rice Krispy treats and send them up with Awn. Tell L I loved his message almost as much as Buzz does. Have you frozen the water bottle?

Kari said...

Those bagels and rice krispy treats look delicious! And I really like the look of lularoe clothes...someday I'll be able to pay the little extra for something I really like. I'm happy you get your hubby home for a little bit too :)

Caitlin said...

I reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy neat to oink those rice crispys. And you neat to teach me how to drink more water.

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