Thursday, April 9, 2015

life lately: apples, spiky legs, & sharks

life lately has been fantastic as we got to sneak away for a long afternoon of america's favorite past time. not my favorite past time- that would be taking a bath with a good book & a slurpee. we had tons of fun with the irelands eating hot dogs & enjoying the sunshine. unfortunately my husband doesn't appreciate pictures like i do but i snuck this one in before we left. sadly that was also the same day porter got really sick - poor pooh bear had it coming out of both ends. thankfully i've come to appreciate the sick snuggles and down time.
it's been lots of pirate fighting and time with mama. lucky daddy was out of town and i couldn't cancel life so porter had to go with the flow being sick [and going through several outfits a day]. he was not happy about that. but we had a great time celebrating st patrick's day!
life has been independent as porter refuses to let me feed him anymore. thankfully his greek yogurt smile. lately we've really been missing daddy - so we wear his boots and hug our scully real right [funny- he never liked stuffed animals until mr. chicken about a year ago. then scully, porter's toy from disneyland, he hated for ever. he was even terrified of scully at dland then all of a sudden loves him and snuggles him often]. this was also the same week my dryer [less then 4 years old] decided to stop working. thankfully grandpa dave came to the rescue.
lately, we've been trying to fill up our time with new and exciting outings. justin is gone so much so i need to do something different to keep our spirits high. this was a trip to the shark reef at mandalay bay. for how much i paid, it really wasn't worth it. since visiting the monterrey bay aquarium, i just can't really appreciate anything less. but really, it was tiny, crowded and expensive. the highlight for both of the boys was the scuba divers. they were cleaning the main shark tank [can you imagine THAT job?] and were so friendly. they kept waving to the boys and porter just adored waving back to them. i need to also ask for a pass on judgment for my boy's clothing. they were bought by their grandpa and landon insisted that they both wear it together. i loathe matching boys yet i find myself doing it too often. so sue me.
lastly, life has been a hilarious bath time. since justin is gone, i've gone a bit...lax in the beauty department. and while landon was 'washing' my legs one night, he said 'wow mom, your legs are spiky! i don't like those spiky legs!' hahaha he had a point. it's been a little boy who thinks he's big and has recently loved eating whole apples by himself. it's been landon finally discovering his artistic abilities in the form of these beautiful flowers that resemble creepy eyeballs. just for me! isn't he so sweet? it's been loving the first of our garden's bounty and seeing daddy famous on tv. i am so proud of him! he works so hard for our family and it is incredibly hard to be away from him for so long, but i'm proud to be his wife.

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KinderTeach said...

How I love those little boys. It was so fun playing with them this last week. L just always has the best comments and Porterhouse with his food grubbing hands. Sailor will be home soon for the summer and the spiky legs will have to disappear

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