Monday, April 13, 2015

kid update: landon loo to the rescue!

age: 3 1/2

weight: about 34lbs

what landon loves: FRIENDS! every morning this kid wakes up asking 'what are we going to do today?' or sometimes during the day if he's bored he'll ask 'what are we going to do tomorrow?'. he NEEDS people which is hard because our circle of friends has grown significantly smaller in the last year or so. his best friends are tanner and dillion [our 8 yr old next door neighbor] and he is constantly asking to play with them. luckily he is starting to play more with porter [they like to chase each other, wrestle a bit, and steal toys]. i am also a person who needs people but come on, he is ridiculous sometimes. i think i set the bar too high when he was younger- when it came to friends and out tings. some of his favorite places to go: the gym to work on his muscles [where he can play with his friends], old mcdonald's for some lunch, the discovery museum, out front to play with dillion, tanner's house, and 7-11 of course. he loves playing with his army men [which also include pirate, ninja and knight men] and will do so for long periods of time [hallelujah!]. he is now saying he wants an army birthday party much to my camo-hating dismay [thanks grandpa dave]. he loves his little legos and anything lego related- the cluth powers movie on netflix and emmett lego movie too. he loves reading lego books and even the older lego books he can't read [and i refuse to because i can't figure out all the crazy star wars names]. he loves writing on white boards and helping me cook. he loves 'painting' outside with water and just being outside in general. he loves going to the man store with his dad and just helping him with chores. he loves running/chasing, playing pretend, talking about disneyland, reading his scriptures, helping with the garden

what landon hates: sharing or taking turns, cleaning up his toys by himself, doing anything by himself really, feeding himself [we usually have to feed him. he has the capability but just plays and plays for-ev-ver]. he doesn't like it when porter messes with his special things [like lego creations or army set ups].

what landon eats: mostly everything. he is not a picky guy. he still loves apples and apple sauce and apple juice. won't try a hamburger [i can't blame him]. he loves nuggets, rice, vegetables, and most fruits. he loves fruit snacks and slurpees [i guess that's kind of on us]. he isn't a breakfast person and will often choose to play instead of eat [which is the opposite of porter]. he loves milk, gogurt, gogo's, and tubby toast [toast with cinnamon sugar].

what we're working on: letters, numbers and handwriting. last week i played a new game with him where we took turns writing letters and then guessing that letter's name and i am surprised at how many he knew and how well he drew some of them. finally- some success on the many homework hours i've spent with him! he really is just not interested in learning about that stuff yet much to my dismay. i kno

w i need to wait for him but it's frustrating when a 2 year old knows more then my 3 1/2 year old. he is incredibly smart in other ways- he has a great imagination, wonderful communication skills, an incredible memory, and is very polite. plus he is keeping us on our toes with our language [not that we cuss- the worst, die, and hate are some of the bad words in our house]. i am working on the numbers 1-5 now and that is a slow process. handwriting he is getting better at and i am very proud. i have a 3-ring binder full of sheet protected pages he practices drawing and letter writing. we're also working on controlling his temper. we had a lesson on angry birds and coping with our an
gers so he'll often yell at me when i yell at him for being bad 'mom let out your angry birds! blow out your anger!'. drives me insane! soccer class has ended [because i no longer have the energy or will to teach it] so he's taken up swimming lessons. he's not that good but he's having fun and it keeps us busy while justin is gone. he has about 2 more months of pre-k express class but i don't really feel like he learns much there.

what we're looking forward to: disneyland in may with holly & charlotte! actually, i am looking forward to this- he doesn't know. i don't know when i'll tell him. we got a year pass so i'm trying to get our moneys worth. i'm hoping we can go one more time as a family after the baby comes in december. he is really excited for this little baby!
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KinderTeach said...

He doesn't know how to be alone because his mother never learned to be alone. He is an amazing boy and you should be proud of him. Take him up to Moms and get the container of fire truck stuff and the containers of Legos. I would rather they were at your house than in that mess.

Caitlin Tappana said...

He is so smart and cute!! I wish we lived closer. Abby is also a very social person, but her mama is not. We're working on it though. She also asks every day where we are going and what we are doing. Imagine the daily fun we could have every day together.

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