Tuesday, March 31, 2015

favorite things: spring

nothing says spring much like flip flops and no more sweaters! porter is big now so we can do [and enjoy] more then last year. i love spring in vegas - it's cool but not cold, warm but not sweltering hot. we are so lucky winter never lasts long with us. i mean, where else can you go where spring starts in february? without furhur adu...

oranges - i know this is more of a winter fruit but i got a case from costco that has been divine! they are so much more work then an apple but so delicious!

ice ice baby - our ice machine in our freezer doesn't work so i have to tray it up and believe me, i do. it's kind of a zobrist family trait to love giant cups with mounds of ice in it and i am no exception. i'm trying to drink less soda and ice water really tastes delicious to me!

chi straightener - my mom came out in january to celebrate porter [and my] birthday. we had a birthday lunch for me at chilis, she made my favorite chocolate mousse, and i made her get me a birthday present - a chi straightener. i get in hair ruts so easily so i wanted a better straightener. i usually just have a $40 one and that does the trick but everyone swears by the chi and they weren't lying! i have wavy hair and i sleep on wet hair at night so it wakes up super crinkly/crazy! the chi works miracles in half the time! worth the $100.

scripture study - ok before you zone out and hit the snooze alarm, i am not kidding! my friend meghan and i started a new thing where we text each other some lesson/nugget we've learned that day and that has helped with motivation. i make it a point to always start with a quick prayer and that has helped me feel the spirit. i have a regularly scheduled time when i read so i have no excuses [after landon is in his room for a nap but before porter goes down for his]. i have read the BOM so many times that instead of reading for volume this time, i read for quality. that has leveled out to about 2 chapters a day. usually by then i am able to gleam more insight because i go slower, i look up people whose names i forgotten, written down locations or bloodlines to not get things mixed up, or think about the people/things in context and how i would feel/would have done. i have never had a more fulfilling scripture study before! i feel like i am learning so much and applying it so much more in my life. it usually takes me 15-30 minutes but i am much more happier the days i read.

great harvest bread - i don't know, one day i just though 'i feel like crap. i want some toast to go with my smoothie' and i couldn't get it out of my head. i feel like more then pregnancy cravings, i get pregnancy food obsession. i just think of something that sounds good then i can't stop until i get it! well i went to one on my way to the temple. closed. i went to another nearer to me [but not close]. closed. i had one last hope and it was 30 min away ONE WAY. so i got a babysitter and got my some bread. worth it people! mama needs her carbs.

lego junior - landon has always really loved his lego duplos. they really taught him to learn how to play independently [a trait he learned later in his life then most]. a few months back my wonderful mother did a lego party for his utah grandkids where she bought them each their own set and put them together. she bought landon a set then and brought it down for porter's birthday - and he hasn't stopped playing with it since. it's just one small set [juniors are small legos but have some parts already constructed so it's a good bridge between duplos and regular legos] but it has brought hours upon hours of joy to my little boy! i haven't been him love something so much! so it's really mine and landon's favorite thing.
fried potatoes and onions - oh my goodness if i could smell one thing forever and ever, it will be these. my mom, of course, makes the best ones ever but i can do a pale imitation. justin thinks they are gross but that smell of butter frying on the griddle, onions just caramelizing....yum. i made some this past week for a dinner over at a friends and had some leftover onions in the corner of my grill. through the week i've made tons of grilled cheese sandwiches and that onion smell, it just makes my mouth water. i know a lot of these favorite things are food but i can't help it, i am pregnant you know.

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KinderTeach said...

By the time you read this, I'll be on my way with bread, Legos, cuties, and curly hair with a cupful of ice for my water and of course Dr. Pepper. Party time

KinderTeach said...

And now I know how much mom spent on your birthday gift she can feel guilty enough to spend it on us. 😉

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