Friday, March 27, 2015

life lately: goats, drs, & little boys

life lately has been full of happiness and wonder! we celebrated a friend's birthday at chuck e cheese's and man did we have a great time! we had never gone before with the kids and i don't think we'll be going back anytime soon! fun fact: justin and i shared our first hug at that same location in 7th grade. that's right, justin had his 14th birthday party at chuck e cheeses. justin bought a ton of tokens for himself landon and they went to town. he ended up with some stupid prizes that landon loved for a day. did you know you can BUY tickets for a cent? meaning we spent $20 for a $4 prize. porter too enjoyed the party- esp the cupcakes and sitting in rides like they were moving or something. look at that adorable face smooched up against the glass. i love that boy. we also had fun celebrating dr. seuss at prek!
lately we've been spending as much time with dad as possible. one day we went to the museum then had lunch with daddy and checked out his work [which is right next door]. look how sad and empty that office is. he doesn't spend much time in there and hasn't been there long but still, dude needs a candy jar and a plant. it's been adorable little stinkers at the dr's office [and enjoying the cool 3rd story view] and some new teeth popping up like daisies! and life has been a poor little boy who just wants to be a big boy and help daddy & brother plant the garden. maybe next year when he doesn't eat dirt.
life has been full of tantrums because mom doesn't give out crackers for every meal. it's been new swimming lessons with landon's best friend and a planter full of fruit & vegetable plants. and poor porter, left out again while his big brother played outside so mom could mop the floors.
lately, i've noticed that porter looks an awful lot like his daddy. and his grandpa dave. for serious, those harrison genes are strong! landon just looks too much like a zobrist. it's been playing outside for the extended hours during the afternoon. and it's been a sick little boy. his head started to hurt really bad during the night and tylenol wouldn't touch it- he even cried about it while he slept. turns out his allergies were draining and caused a little infection in his inner ear. poor baby. i am so sick of these wintery months. bring me sunshine and healthy kids!
lastly, life has been climbing mountains and finding more fun in the rocks and dirt then the animals at the bird sanctuary. it's been a boy 'driving' in his car [the diaper changing table cabinet]. it's been a hungry hungry boy who loves to feed himself some yogurt but does not enjoy goats invading his personal space. life has been fantastic.

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KinderTeach said...

I'm so excited to see these little boogers next week. It's been too long. Tell L that his favorite ain't is coming with slurpees, chips, Ms and suckers. Not to mention Charley with his big floppy ears

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