Friday, July 25, 2014

life lately: adventures at mema's

life has been delicious for father's day and full of surprises. aunt lynsey came into town and surprised dave. we ate, we swam, we saw a play at spring mountain ranch ['spamalot'- hilarious!], plus matching ties. does life get any better?
life seems to have slipped away and suddenly turned me old. really? 42? it's also been full of whip-lash while my child is a devil then an adorable angel.
lately we've been hanging out at mema's while our house is being renovated and fixing her house up while we were there. it's been eating out - alot - including at our favorite sandwich shop- and missing mom. it's been tough times at mema's as well. let's just say it's been a rough few weeks with tired and misplaced little boys. at least gigi was happy for some company.
i'd like to give some commentary on these reese's oreos but they need no introduction- one word - fanfreakintastic. lately we've been snuggling on mema's bed and sleeping our day away. and it's been missing our aunt lynsey and wishing christmas could come sooner.
life has been traumatic as my little boy has been learning how to sleep without a binkie and not being swaddled [only because he's getting too big to swaddle anyways]. it's been incredibly silly eating a gogo and incredibly traumatic because.... well there is no reason.
life was located at mema's house while daddy renovated our house. so sometimes nap time happens in high chairs & daddy colors in coloring books for fun. underwear gets put on heads and ketchup gets eaten for dinner.
lately we've been riding in cars with boys and sipping our favorite drink. really, he loves them already. not that he's had it [other then in utero or through my milk]. he just loves grabbing for drinks. landon has figured out that a potty outside doesn't really 'work' as a potty, even when pee goes inside. and it's been finding TWO scorpions as we fix our house. vegas is under attack!
lastly, life has been jaw-dropping as i wonder what alien has invaded my big brother's body. it's been hanging with my favorite arizona nephews and having to use a pillowcase to swaddle [hey, it worked]. and life has been hot hot hot so who has time to wear pants?

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Caitlin said...

I am excited to see your finished house! So lucky you get to do all those fixins. Also, Landons without pants makes me giggle. Cute bum!

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