Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a boy & two girls

monday was a rough day for the harrisons. porter had to have some surgery and it completely threw me for a loop. when he was born, we found the problem and had to wait till he was 6 months to fix it. nothing major- i guess it's fairly common but it was still a shock to hear and scary to realize what he was up against. i didn't think too much about it
but when the day got closer, i really started freaking out. ever since porter's birth, i've been having a harder time emotionally then usual. especially with my mom moving, i've been somewhat of a mess. the night before the surgery, landon went over to his mema's house for a sleepover. we reported to the hospital at 6am sharp- but that meant a fasting baby since 3am. he was not a fan of being told he couldn't nurse but thankfully he took it better then landon would have at that age. waiting in the back for the surgeon, i was feeling a wave of emotions. it really made me think about the atonement and what our heavenly father sacrificed for us. he loved his son- so much. he didn't want him to have to suffer but he let it happen. for us- these silly people who make the most ridiculous mistakes- again and again. how it must have pained him to see jesus christ suffer- to let him die - to let him go. i kept holding my baby, kissing his head and saying a million prayers for everything to go alright. isn't it a miracle any baby is born healthy and whole? while we are growing in our mother's tummy, there are a bazillion things that could go wrong and yet, those are the exception. generally peo
ple are born healthy. isn't that a miracle? how can someone not look upon a beautiful baby and see the hand of god? the hour+ that the surgery took was an emotional one. just seeing my baby wheeled away from me was agonizing. he made it through like a champ and i couldn't wait to hold him again. when we walked back to post-op [a little too slowly for my taste mr. volunteer], my heart just broke hearing my baby and seeing him. i don't think he was in pain [yet] but he was so confused, so lost, and he needed me. not the nurse or doctor- just me. out of everyone in the world, my baby needed me. it took a while for him to calm down but eventually he snuggled into my arms and fell asleep. the rest of the day was a mixture of snuggles, kisses, and lots and lots of sleep. the day before, justin gave porter a priesthood blessing. we recently explained what the priesthood is to landon and how important it is so he was ready and excited to see porter receive a blessing. on the way to church landon gave the family prayer in the car [we can't be the only ones, am i right??] and he specifically prayed for porter to do well in the hospital and for the holy ghost to help him feel safe. can you imagine the tears that sweet prayer brought to my eyes? without any prodding or nudging on his part, that simple prayer helped calm my fears and fill my heart with love. i can't imagine having to go to the hospital and doing that ever again, or even doing it over and over again. but my sister does.

mid yawn = adorable
breanne was born with a shortened bowel. she spent the first few months of her life in the hospital and was placed in my sister's family early on. she is a very sick little girl who will spend her whole life in hospitals, getting pricked and poked. she can't eat real food, even water is a luxury. she has to walk around w
ith a backpack full of tubes and bags- and that's all she's ever known. i asked my sister once if one specific hospital visit was painful and she remarked that no, because of how much she has had done, she rarely fusses over pain. can you imagine that life? the doctors have said she doesn't have a long life expectancy but seeing how hard she fights and how hard her family fights with her- i can't help but doubt their analysis. after going through this singular experience with porter and knowing that my sister goes through this so often- it makes me how but she does it. how can her heart handle seeing her precious baby girl go through so much? i've always known devin was a special girl- she's kind of the odd duck in our family but she's a special duck. i don't know anyone who has more christ like love- that's such a special gift. and despite all the hardship devin has known in life through her own medical problems and her two children, she is the kindest and most loving person i know.

oh- i promise a boy and two girls didn't i? well this gal is proud to announce that my sister is having a baby girl. a baby girl we have all prayed very hard for- and i couldn't be happier.

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KinderTeach said...

Bub is an amazing woman. Beautiful words about her sister, especially with the NE trip coming up.
Porterhouse and you will be better for this experience. Plus it brought such a sweet memory of L praying.
Have you heard about how Alan reacted to the girl yet? You know he can't be happy to pay off those bets.
Love you baby sister, your courage, your testimony, and of course the fruit of your loins!

Caitlin said...

That prayer Landon said is so sweet. Isn't amazing what we can learn from our children? Glad Porter came out of surgery ok. Your sister sounds like an amazing person, and congratulations to your other sister and her girl!

Anna Campbell said...

Love you Mel. We have lots of amazing people in our family. We have been blessed to have such big hearts and so much love. Devin is an odd duck but I wouldn't take her any other way. She amazes us all on a daily basis.

Unknown said...

thank you for this, Mel. You make me sound more amazing then I really am :P but i appreciate it and all the love and support

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